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Stellar Overload Overview

Stellar Overload is an open world RPG. Taking place in first person, the game centers around building and exploration in the open, sandbox 3D world. The voxel-based gameplay is designed to maximize players' choice and ability to create the world around them.This is also reflected in character creation and the ability to pick up multiple new skills. Explore the world to uncover some of the mysterious origin of the planet. Build a ship to explore beyond it. There is a main storyline to follow that will introduce players to new NPCs as well as dungeons and places to explore.The project was successfully funded through a Kickstarter campaign in 2014. FEATURES
  • Build, Explore, & Customize | This voxel-based game leaves building up the world to you. Explore, gather resources, and customize your character's looks and abilities. Build a ship to go off planet, mine, build, and play your way.
  • Open World | With the emphasis on construction and making the world your own, Stellar Overload takes place in an open world where you direct the flow of play.
  • Story Content & Dungeons | Multiple ways to enjoy the game include following the story content, which sometimes leads to dungeons to explore.
A Space-faring Voxel Sandbox

Stellar Overload is a 3D online multiplayer sandbox game about adventure and building. Once called Cubed3, Cubical Drift’s flagship title is a voxel builder at heart, but also unique with its Science Fiction setting, quest-based gameplay, and multiple planets to venture across. Progression is tied to the story to start but as the quests teach you about the world, the more the game opens to you.

Launching Early Access on Oct 12 with a New Name

Planets3 is ready to launch on Steam Early Access on October 12th and it will do so with a brand new name. Now known as Stellar Overload, the team will be working hard to update the official site with the new rebranded title.