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    Undead Labs
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State of Decay Overview

State of Decay is an open-world, zombie-themed survival RPG from Undead Labs, a studio led by Jeff Strain formerly of Blizzard and ArenaNet. The game puts players into a world where their decisions will matter, resources are limited, and there are hordes of hungry zombies on the loose in a world where the laws of civilization no longer apply. In order to survive and thrive, players will engage in tasks such as supply raids and negotiating with other survivors for things such as ammo, food, and supplies for shelter. A.I. survivors can also join with the player and help build defenses, shelter, and repair items. With enough success, these A.I. characters can become playable. With the zombie threat out there, anyone can also become what they fear. FEATURES
  • Meaningful Player Choices | Learn to survive against the backdrop of a zombie threat. The laws and rules of civilization don't apply, and things become all about survival. Your choices will determine how gameplay progresses.
  • You Need Your Fellow Survivors | If you want to survive, other survivors will be key. You need supplies and they need something you've got. Trust them? Some of these will also join you as playable characters.
  • Dynamic Progression | The game continues whether or not you're playing it. Repairs can be made, characters can be injured, and some will level up. Be gone too long and your base may be in trouble.