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Starbound Overview

Starbound is an independent 2-D sci-fi game that lets you both explore and build up a planet upon which you've crash landed. Despite similarities to other games, such as Terraria, Starbound differs in its series of planets and in its inclusion of RPG story content, including quests, within an overall sandbox core. After creating a character from among the game's multiple races, you'll mbe able to discover thousands of items among the themed, procedurally generated planet upon which you've landed. This planet holds many secrets, including creatures, dungeons, NPCs, and more to find. Explore, craft, decorate, or even hang out and play music with friends. Or take on some of the game's story content, dungeons, and boss battles when you feel like progressing into something new. FEATURES
  • Sci-fi space sandbox meets RPG story content in a game with multiple races and procedurally generated planets.
  • Optional full co-op gameplay, as well as multiplatform multiplayer and PvP system give players multiple options for playing together.
  • Choose from seven different playable races, each with its own backstory and content.
  • Fully moddable game with ongoing free content updates.
Better Late Than Never

One of the most significant features the launch update adds to the game is story. There’s now a full introductory mission and while simple, it did quite a bit to get me invested in the game. While Starbound is a sandbox, the overarching story helps to give some context to what you’re doing and how you got out where you end up.