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Jedi Consular Progression

The latest in a series of 'character progression' videos has surfaced on the Star Wars: The Old Republic site. This time, the Jedi Consular is profiled. It's a great look for those embarking on the beta this weekend and choosing to play the Jedi Consular.

First Impressions Overview with Ripper X (Live Commentary)

Ripper X takes a first look at the one and only Star Wars Old Republic MMO which is currently in BETA and coming out soon. Ripper checks out the beginning stages of the game and finds some really cool features in this gameplay overview.

Game Face #12: Empire Preview

Hillary "Pokket" Nicole brings us Game Face #12 where she takes the Sith Inquisitor and Imperial Agent for a spin in a preview full of all things Imperial.

Game Face: SWTOR Republic Preview

Hillary "Pokket" Nicole takes a look at the perennial (to some) good guys from SWTOR: The Republic.

Choose Your Side - Inquisitor or Trooper?

Bioware has released a new "Choose Your Side" video. This time, the Inquisitor and the Trooper face off against one another. Check out the firepower both bring into the game and then choose -your- side!

Star Wars: The Old Repubic Voidstar Warzone

Bioware and the dev team have released a new trailer featuring the Voidstar from Star Wars: The Old Republic.