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Star Wars: The Old Republic Articles

Operations Return in Update 5.2: The War for Iokath

Game Update 5.2: The War for Iokath is the second major update to be released this year for Star Wars: The Old Republic and it’s one of the most significant updates to be released for the game in some time.

Hands On with Knights of the Eternal Throne

Star Wars: The Old Republic has been giving fans the chance to play out their own personal experiences in a galaxy far, far away for five years. But many fans have wondered where their paths were leading them and how they fit into the grand scheme of BioWare’s MMO.

Knights of the Eternal Throne Brings the MMO Back to SWTOR

It took longer than expected, but BioWare Austin finally unveiled SWTOR’s next expansion, Knights of the Eternal Throne, at this year’s New York Comic Con Cantina event. Keep in mind that there will be spoilers for the current expansion ahead, so you’ve been warned if you haven’t wrapped Knights of the Fallen Empire up yet.

KotFE May Be the Expansion You’re Looking For

It may seem at odds to use the words “epic” and “accessible” in the same sentence, but Bioware and EA’s upcoming expansion to Star Wars: The Old Republic seeks to embody both of those terms in equal measure. If the entirety of Knights of the Fallen Empire (KotFE) is matched by the brief playthrough that I was privy to at an offsite preview yesterday, the expansion is going to pack quite a bit of a punch, while still being inviting to newer players.

E3 2015 – Knights of the Fallen Empire Preview

It’s the year of Star Wars with the new movie, Battlefront, and now SWTOR’s next big expansion: Knights of the Fallen Empire. Announced officially during EA’s E3 press conference, the expansion marks a new major story initiative for BioWare’s MMORPG, and we got to see just what that means in a behind-closed-doors presentation at EA’s press booth.

Shadow of Revan - A Look at Flashpoints

With a little more than two weeks before Shadow of Revan launches, Bioware and publishing partner EA invited the press and select members of the SWTOR community to EA's Redwood Shores offices for a peek at the expansion. Though the event was in some ways a retread of previously released information, we were given some hands-on time with the new solo-able Flashpoints.

Shadow of Revan - a First Look in to SWTOR’s Future

We were invited to a first look at Shadow of Revan, the new expansion for Star Wars: the Old Republic. In it, players tackle the galaxy-threatening Revan in the third installment of his centuries-spanning story. The event focused primarily on the game’s story and future content rather than the nuts and bolts of any new game systems.

Making Your Mark on the Galaxy in Galactic Strongholds

Galactic Strongholds, the latest digital expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic, is set to launch for subscribers in a couple of days here and we recently had a chance to take a tour of the new content with SWTOR senior producer Bruce MacLean and Galactic Strongholds producer Jack Wood.

SWTOR Atlanta Cantina Tour News

Last week, BioWare sent Star Wars: the Old Republic's Community Specialist Courtney Woods, Community Manager Eric Musco, Producer Andrew Horowitz, and Lead Engineer Johan Allanson to Atlanta with swag and drink tickets in hand for the latest Cantina Tour stop. The now-traditional flashdrive that was handed out contained a series of images from upcoming content, and as expected, there was a Q&A session with Courtney Woods moderating the party.

The Spring of SWTOR - Game Update 2.7

Over the course of the past week, BioWare laid out their roadmap for the changes coming with Star Wars: the Old Republic's Game Update 2.7. You can see how we're trundling along to SWTOR's 3.0. The use of sub-numbers (2.7.4, etc.) can ensure they can stretch out the revelation of SWTOR 3.0: the Undiscovered Expansion until sometime next year. However, I don't believe we're going to see that per Bruce Maclean's Producer's Roadmap.

Taking to the Sky in Galactic Starfighter

The Galactic Starfighter expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic is the most drastic change and largest update to SWTOR since the game went F2P. Our own Blake Morse was on hand for a preview event in California this week, and brought back this report on what he found.

The Hutt Cartel is Rising

Star Wars: The Old Republic is getting its first digital expansion with the imminent release of Rise of the Hutt Cartel. We were on hand to check out RotHC at Bioware: Austin and have a great preview to share. See what we discovered and let us know what you think in the comments.

Digging into Free-to-Play

We recently took a tour of Star Wars: The Old Republic's upcoming free-to-play option and today we're bringing you all the details. Read on for our full preview!

SWTOR at E3 2012

We stopped by EA's booth at E3 2012 to check out what BioWare has in store for Star Wars: The Old Republic in 2012. Read on to find out what we learned!

Hands On with the Novare Coast

During PAX East, our team managed to get their hands on the new Star Wars: The Old Republic warzone, Novare Coast. After playing through Novare Coast, they've got some impressions to share so keep reading!