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Star Wars: The Old Republic Showcases Sorcerer And Sage Changes Ahead Of Onslaught Expansion

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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Star Wars: The Old Republic's Onslaught expansion is coming, and the team has started to release some information regarding class changes players can expect to see when the new expansion hits. SWTOR showed off the Sorcerer and the Sage in a new series of articles that will showcase these upcoming changes, and more coming to Onslaught.

The article, posted on the SWOTR website, showcases the new Advanced Class Ability of both the Sorcerer and Sage, as well as new set bonuses and tactical items for each. For the Sorcerer, the new Volt Rush will deal energy damage to the Sorcerer's target and energize the player for up to 5 seconds. Additionally, the new ability uses the "charge" system, something a few abilities in Onslaught will take advantage of when it goes live. Some abilities, like Volt Rush can store charges to be activated multiple times before it goes on cooldown.

For example, Volt Rush has three charges; once you activate the ability, there will be two charges left, and the third one will start to recharge. If Volt Rush is activated again, another charge would be depleted, but the recharge process for this charge won’t start until the previous one finishes.

Also detailed are Tacticals, which can "change how some abilities function." These Tacticals don't have their own states, instead they can augment abilities. For example, the new Sorcerer Tactical, "One for All" in the Corruption discipline, allows Revivification to heal for more depending on how many allies it affects. 

The Sage's new ability, Telekinetic Blitz, will deal damage to a player's target and energize the player for 5 seconds. This ability can stack twice, with each stack dealing 30% more damage. It too has three charges to use with the ability like Volt Rush.

You can check out the full details on the blog post on the SWTOR website, as it details each new Tactical item and set bonus for each class. 


Joseph Bradford

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