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Star Wars: The Old Republic Breaks Down Season 11 PVP Rewards

Joseph Bradford | Posted: October 02, 2019 11:10 AM
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In an article on the Star Wars: The Old Republic website, the team behind the popular MMO break down the Season 11 PVP ratings, as well as set up what's coming in Season 12. With the current PvP season coming to a close, the Star Wars team showcased a bit of what players who are at the top of their game have to look forward to.

Payers who participated can find themselves in one of four reward tiers, broken down by solo or group play. Each tier has separate rewards for the players who reach them, including flair, battle flags. as well as a hoard of tokens to be used for even more rewards. These tokens are also not season specific, meaning that players can hold onto them and spend them when something comes up that truly catches their eye down the line. 

Season 12 will be coming to a galaxy far, far away in December, meaning players will have plenty of time to tool around with the new Set Bonuses and Tacticals coming with Onslaught. You can check out some of the changes coming in our coverage here. Also, for the full breakdown of the PVP rewards, head over to the Star Wars: The Old Republic website for more info.


Joseph Bradford

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