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Star Wars: The Old Republic Blasts Onto Steam!

What Are the Odds? I'll Never Tell.

Steven Weber Updated: Posted:
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Special launchers, slow updates, a Jedi craves not these things. Luckily for fans of Star Wars: The Old Republic you can now download and manage your current Star Wars MMO on Steam! With the addition of SWTOR on Steam, players will be able to make use of many of Steam’s community features and even earn trading cards.

Whether you continue to play through the SWTOR launcher or you move on to the Steam launcher and its vast community and gaming features, cross-play and cross-save will carry over your progress no matter how you wish to play.

Steam’s trading card feature will also have 8 new additions to its ranks, with Darth Malgus and HK-55 cards available to collect. Collect them all to earn special items like Emoticons and customizations to your steam profile. As with many Steam games, players can also expect to earn a host of Steam Achievements. With over 100 achievements to earn, even veterans of SWTOR will find more to do as they try to complete them all.

Star Wars: The Old Republic has steadily been adding events and content throughout the years, such as the Rakghoul Resurgence which ends today, July 21st. If you find yourself apprehensive to return, read one of our latest articles from a writer who did just that.


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