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Star Wars: The Old Republic Articles

Players Gather on Alderaan to Mourn Carrie Fisher

Today marks a sad day for fans of all things Star Wars with the passing of Carrie Fisher, most famously known for her portrayal of Leia Organa, a princess, rebel and general. Fisher suffered a cardiac arrest on December 23rd and succumbed earlier today. Players in Star Wars: The Old Republic are gathering on Alderaan, the location of the Organa estate. Imgur Bericurra has posted lots of images and a Reddit thread has opened for players to post other gatherings.

Five Years of the Force Celebrated in New Blog

Happy birthday, Star Wars: The Old Republic! It's hard to believe that Bioware's flagship MMO is turning half a decade old today. Not ones to let a good anniversary opportunity go by, Bioware's Ben Irving has posted a great post celebrating the game and its community. To kick off the day, a special character portrait collage representing some of the 87M unique character created over the course of five years has been released.

KotEE Trial Offered to Past Preferred Players Through Jan 3

Those who have yet to give the newest expansion to Star Wars: The Old Republic a try will have a chance to try a portion of it between now and January 3rd. Players should have at one time been a Preferred player attained either through the purchase of Cartel Coins or due to having been a subscriber at one point in the past. Agreeing to receive the SWTOR newsletter is also required. Becoming a Premium subscriber prior to January 3rd will yield 500 Cartel Coins.

Happy 5th Anniversary to SWTOR!

Bioware and the Star Wars: The Old Republic team are celebrating the game's fifth anniversary with some nifty presents for players including a Celebration Jawa, a Senya-inspired Holotrainer and a "breathtaking 7-piece poster art collection" perfect for decorating the walls of your personal stronghold. In addition, both Coruscant and Dromund Kaas strongholds are on a whopping good sale for only five credits instead of the usual 5,000!

Knights Of The Eternal Throne Launches For All

Bioware and EA have announced that the latest expansion to Star Wars: The Old Republic has launched for all players. New and Veteran players join Premium players in a quest to become the leader of the known galaxy. Players will face difficult choices in order to get the throne and to keep it.

Dark & Light Achievements Wiped, Rewards Still Incoming

The Star Wars: The Old Republic forum has an interesting thread with regard to the revelation that achievements from the recent Dark vs Light event have been wiped with today's head start for Knights of the Eternal Throne DLC. According to a post by Community Manager Eric Musco, however, players can be reassured that all event rewards will be sent out on Friday as expected.

Class Changes Incoming with Eternal Throne Expansion

As the time for the release of the Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion, Knights of the Eternal Throne, the dev team is taking time to let players in on changes coming to classes. Each class is undergoing a number of alterations to bring new abilities, utilities and more to coincide with the five additional levels.

Story And Repeatable Chapters

Bioware developers were on hand during last week's Star Wars: The Old Republic livestream event in which they discussed a variety of topics related to Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion set to be released in December. Among other things the team spent time discussing Repeatable Chapters, Challenge Modes and Veteran Difficulty.

Gearing Up Alts or Off-Specs Through Crafting

The Star Wars: The Old Republic site has been updated with a recent post to summarize how players will be able to craft gear to catch up to friends, gear up alts or off-specs in preparation for Eternal Throne. To do so, there is a new crafting material that will allow the creation of gear that falls within two item rating of the best gear for any particular tier, though without the ability to shift mods and without set bonus as well.

Affecting the Tides of War - Dark vs Light Detailed

The Star Wars: The Old Republic site has been updated with a new developer blog that discusses Dark vs Light as it will appear in Knights of the Eternal Throne. In the new Galactic Command system, players will have a direct impact on the eternal war raging between Dark and Light users of the Force.

Galactic Command Detailed - Power at Your Fingertips

The Star Wars: The Old Republic site has been updated with a new developer blog that lays out the details on a forthcoming feature called "Galactic Command". According to the post, Galactic Command is a new progression system for Premium players at level 70. Essentially, everything in the game universe is collected into a single interface that can then be used to que for missions, story chapters, flashpoints, operations, PvP warzones, Galactic Strfighter complete with difficulty level.

Knights of the Eternal Throne Revealed in New Trailer

Bioware is ready to begin releasing information about the next expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Called Knights of the Eternal Throne, the expansion will see players battling to rule the universe. To show off the explosive nature of Knights of the Eternal Throne, Bioware released a cinematic trailer to set the stage for the forthcoming expansion.

Completed Legendary Achievement

At long last, Legendary achievement has been completed. SWTOR Central will celebrate its victory with dancing Jawa's and TaunTauns.

The Death Star Strikes, Thousands of Credit Spammers Banned

The Death Star has sent its lethal beam into thousands of Star Wars: The Old Republic accounts determined to be credit selling accounts and simultaneously sealed up a promotion loophole that seemed to be aiding those making real-world transactions for in-game credits.

Bonus Chapter Shroud of Memory for 8-Month Subscribers Opens

Star Wars: The Old Republic players who were subscribed between January 11, 2016 and August 1, 2016 have a new bonus chapter to participate in with today's release of Shroud of Memory. Players take on the role of HK-55 and work to extricate themselves from the evil plans of The Shroud.