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Star Wars Galaxies Articles

Empire/Remembrance Day Returns in Star Wars Galaxies: Legends

Empire/Remembrance Day has returned to Star Wars Galaxies: Legends, and is set to run all month long.

Galactic Civil War Interview

MMORPG.com's Garrett Fuller recently asked a few questions of Star Wars Galaxies producer Tony Tyson about the Galactic Civil War and what it means for players.

User Created Content Interview

Star Wars Galaxies is introducing the Chronicles system into their game that will allow players to create their own content in the iconic universe. MMORPG.com's Chris Higgins had the opportunity to ask a few questions of SWG Producer, Tony Tyson.

Phantom Squadron and the Future of Jump to Lightspeed

MMORPG.com Star Wars Galaxies Correspondent Jef Reahard writes this interview with the commander of the Phantom Squadron in SOE's Star Wars Galaxies, a group dedicated to making the Y-Wing a viable and dangerous PvP craft.

SWG Trading Card Game Demo

While at GenCon, we had the opportunity to talk to Game Designer Chuck Kallenbach about the Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game, where he gives us details on the game and shows us how the game is played.

Interview with Casey Keefe

As things settle down at LucasArts/SOE, we catch up with Casey Keefe for an update on Star Wars Galaxies.

NGE Interview with Casey Keefe

In addition to our editorial and review, we have a brief interview with Community and Press Relations Manager Casey Keefe.

Interview with Julio Torres

Julio Torres is the Producer of Star Wars Galaxies. Today he answers some of our questions on the game and its future.

Dev Profile: Tim Temmerman

In this first of many upcoming Q&As from around the industry, we profile Tim Temmerman, the QA Lead for LucasArts on Star Wars Galaxies.

Combat Upgrade Q&A

The recent "Combat Upgrade" introduced to Star Wars Galaxies has many players upset. We decided to address many of the issues with the update by going directly to the source and asking Julio Torres - the SWG Producer at LucasArts.

Interview With Dallas Dickinson, SOE Producer

Reed Hubbard asks Dallas Dickinson a few questions about the upcoming expansion "Rage of the Wookiees" for Star Wars Galaxies.

Jump To Lightspeed Interview

Richard Duffek gets a chance to talk with Julio Torres, the Associate Producer and Kurt Stangl, the Community Manager at SOE.