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Is There A Shuttered MMO You'd Like To Bring Back As A Remake?

We see emulated servers bring back old MMOs as they stood when they were active all the time. Yet these time capsules bringing old games to life may not necessarily attract new players to discover what made them so great. Is there an old, shuttered MMORPG that you'd love to see be brought back to life, but not as a revived version of the old, but a remade version anew?

Star Wars Galaxies Restoration III Marks Successful 2021 Launch With 2022 Roadmap Towards Final Version

Star Wars Galaxies Restoration III, a volunteer, fan-made version, is marking its successful 2021 launch with a roadmap on what to expect this year.

Star Wars Galaxies: Legends Holds a Community Memorial Today, the Fifth Anniversary of Carrie Fisher's Passing

Today is the fifth anniversary of the passing of actress Carrie Fisher, who died in 2016. Star Wars Galaxies: Legends is holding their annual remembrance event. Gather with the community to pay tribute and share memories.

SWG Legends Posts Huge September Newsletter: Talks Upcoming Star Viper Content

SWG: Legends has kept the Star Wars Galaxies dream alive and kicking with consistent updates and an active community. In the latest newsletter, the development team answers plenty of player questions, puts to rest support for the visual ILM mod, and teases some upcoming content.

SWG: Legends Bespin Expansion Launches Today

May the Fourth be with you because tomorrow will be the Revenge of the Fifth (sorry, not sorry.) Brian-puns aside, yes, today is May the fourth. This means the long-awaited Bespin expansion for SWG Legends is due to release today.

Is There An MMO You Wish You Played Before It Was Shut Down?

Over the course of the past two decades, many MMORPGs have come and gone. However, a few stick out as must plays for the genre, at least in the community. Unfortunately, not everyone has been able to play every major game to grace the annals of the MMORPG genre, especially those games that have shut down over the years. Is there an MMO you wish you played before it was shut down?

SWG Legends Sets Date For Its Long-Awaited Bespin Expansion, Coming May 4th

Star Wars Galaxies Legends has finally set the date players can take part in its Bespin expansion. Called City in the Clouds, SWG Legends players will be able to visit it on a rather important date for Star Wars fans: May the Fourth.

Star Wars Galaxies: Legends is Bringing Bespin to the Community

The Star Wars Galaxies: Legends team is planning to bring Bespin to the game in their fifth unofficial expansion. They've since outlined what players can expect from the new content in their latest Community Transmission. The team is so dedicated to getting out the new Bespin content, that they have advised the community that, until the new update has released, they are halting all other updates to better focus the expansions development.

Star Wars Galaxies: Legends Pays Tribute to David Prowse - 'Nobody is Truly Gone'

Some sad news was announced this week as the actor David Prowse, who played Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy, has died. The outpouring from the Star Wars community has been tremendous, including a tribute by the Star Wars Galaxies: Legends staff.

Empire/Remembrance Day Returns in Star Wars Galaxies: Legends

Empire/Remembrance Day has returned to Star Wars Galaxies: Legends, and is set to run all month long.

UPDATE: New Star Wars Galaxes Remastered Emu Server Launched

A new Star Wars Galaxies Remastered EMU server has launched. Here are the details.

Stella Bellum NGE Emu Server to Open on December 16th

A new Star Wars Galaxies EMU server will be opening its doors to player looking for the "NGE", or New Game Enhancements" version of the now-defunct title. Called Stella Bellum, the server is being worked on by a team of eight that seeks to bring SWG back to life as it was at the time the lights were turned off by SOE, now Daybreak Game Company.

EMU Team Looking for Volunteers

The Star Wars Galaxies EMU team is looking for a few good folks to keep the project up and running. These are volunteer positions mainly based in the community and support branches of the team. The blog post details some of the requirements, or considerations, for applying for the job so head over and see if you qualify!

Last of the Retrospective Series Published

The last in a series of articles by Raph Koster shedding a retrospective light on Star Wars Galaxies has been published. Titled "Did Star Wars Galaxies Fail?", Koster answers the question with "Well yes, of course. And also, no."

Creating a Dynamic World

Raph Koster has updated his blog with a look at the dynamic world of Star Wars Galaxies. The post gives a detailed look at the complexities of creating a world from a design perspective.