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Star Trek Online Is Bringing Wesley Crusher To The MMO In Ascension On September 13th

Star Trek Online has a history of bringing iconic characters from the universe to its game, and today during Star Trek Day, Cryptic revealed that Wil Wheaton would be reprising his role as Wesley Crusher in the upcoming Star Trek Online: Ascension.

Star Trek Online's Next Chapter, Stormfall, Continues Its Story In The Mirror Universe

The next chapter in the Star Trek Online story will be coming next month and will see players continue their journey through the Mirror Universe. Stormfall will hit PCs on May 10th, while console players will be waiting till June.

Star Trek Online's Season 23 'House United' Available Now on Consoles

Star Trek Online's newest season, House United, is now live on consoles. If you're playing the MMO and have either an Xbox One of PS4, you can now grab the update for free.

Star Trek Online: House Reborn is Now Available on PC

The latest season for Star Trek Online is now available for PC. Titled, House Reborn, the new season is the beginning of the finale of the epic Klingon War, and will feature two new episodes for players to enjoy.

Star Trek Online's House Shattered Update Now Available on PC - Headed to Console January 2021

If you've been playing Star Trek Online then you may be glad to hear that the newest season, House Shattered, is now available for PC players. Console players will receive the update on Xbox One and Playstation 4, January 12th, 2021.

Star Trek Online: Discovery Era Enterprise & D7 Trailer

PC Star Trek Online captains will have the chance to fly some of the game's newest ships thanks to the arrival of the Discovery-era Enterprise and the D7. To show off the potential for each, Perfect World has put out a new trailer. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments!

Season 13 - Escalation Official Console Trailer

Console players of Star Trek Online can now take part in Season 13: Escalation. It features a new episode, Mirrors & Smoke. The full patch notes have been published on the official site and the team has released a special console launch trailer.

First(ish) Impressions - TheHiveLeader

TheHiveLeader returns to the final frontier for a second go at Star Trek Online! Star Trek Online is a premier free-to-play MMORPG from Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment set in the famous Star Trek universe. Don the official uniforms of the United Federation of Planets or the Klingon Empire, choose the path of Tactical, Science, or Engineering specialties, command Away Teams, captain your very own starship, avoid Borg assimilation, even breed (!) Tribbles, all in Gene Roddenberr

Season 11 - New Dawn Official Chase Masterson Interview

Chase Masterson dropped by Cryptic Studios to discuss her role as Admiral Leeta in Star Trek Online: Season 11 New Dawn. In an interview with executive producer, Steve Ricossa, the Deep Space Nine actress chatted about the new season and revealed what it's like to play the Mirror version of everyone's favorite Bajoran dabo girl.

Season 10 - The Iconian War - Official Announce Trailer

Star Trek Online: Season 10 - The Iconian War begins the conclusion of a conflict that has been brewing in Star Trek Online for more than five years. The newest season reintroduces the Iconians – an ancient race that has remained dormant for years waiting for their time to strike. As the war approaches, new captains will emerge from Delta Recruitment to bolster forces in defense of the galaxy. It is up to Star Trek Online players to push back the forces of the Iconians. If they don’t suc