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Star Trek Online Articles

Star Trek Online - House Divided Preview

Join Bowman as he jumps into an early look at Star Trek Online's latest content update, House Divided.

Star Trek Online – Age of Discovery ‘To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before’

Star Trek Online: Age of Discovery, changes things up a little bit with its recent installment into the Trek world. Based on which era character you pick you will begin your story in that time period. We get to start off in the era of Discovery based on the new CBS show. You are an academy student on your first training cruise, and you have to meet with your Captain to see what your place on the ship will be.

Gamescom 2016 - Taking to the Stars Via Console

During Gamescom 2016, Jonathan Doyle managed a sit down with the Star Trek Online console version along with a chat with Art Director Sam Wall. See what the pair discussed and more in our exclusive interview.

Delta Rising Expansion Preview

Delta Rising will expand Star Trek Online into the Delta Quadrant where the TV show Star Trek Voyager took place. It’s been 30 years since the events of Voyager and the Voyager crew made a ton of friends and enemies on its return home. In the intervening years, a new threat has emerged and no one knows who it is just yet.

Preview, Part Three

In the final part of his Star Trek Online preview, Dana Massey discusses key gameplay elements including the game's UI, Itemization and PvP.

Preview, Part Two

In part two of a three part preview of Star Trek Online, Dana Massey discusses key gameplay elements including the game's Skill System, Character Progression and Bridge Officers.

Preview, Part One

In part one of a two part preview of Star Trek Online, Dana Massey discusses key gameplay elements like: Missions, PvE, Aesthetics and more.

Inside Beta: Missions

MMORPG.com's Jon Wood recounts his experiences with some of Star Trek Online's missions, giving readers an example of how they function within the game.

Inside Beta: A Three Hour Tour

MMORPG.com's Chris Higgins writes this overview of his time in one of Cryptic's Star Trek Online Closed Beta play sessions, giving an overview of the first three hours of gameplay.

Inside Beta: You Got That Star Trek Feelin'?

MMORPG.com's Jon Wood continues our inside Star Trek Online's beta test series by answering the question of whether or not that game has managed to capture the overall feel of the IP.

Inside Beta: Character Customization

MMORPG.com has been given early access into the Star Trek Online beta, and so will be bringing you reports from inside the game. Today, we kick off our series with Dana Massey's preview of the game's character customization system.

Bridges & Bridge Officers Preview

Bridges will be in for launch. We find out in exactly what form and all about the mechanics of those who will populate them.

Hands-On Preview

MMORPG.com traveled down to Los Gatos to talk to the team and play Star Trek Online.

Hands-On Preview

Carolyn Koh had the chance recently to get her hands on a demo of Cryptic's Star Trek Online. Today, she recounts her impressions.