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Star Trek Online Outlines 10th Anniversary Omega Event

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Star Trek Online’s 10th Anniversary Omega Event is almost here, starting on January 28 through February 27.

It should be noted, those dates are for the PC version. Console dates have yet to be announced. The grand prize includes the Alliance Battlecruiser (T6). You can earn the ship for every character on your account by taking part in any Anniversary Event eligible activities.

The event also includes an Omega Molecule Stabilization Game. How does this minigame work exactly?

“Omega molecules will fall in from the left in one of four channels. Captains will move the capture device into the correct channel as the molecule hits the right-hand line. The more molecules you capture, the more Omega molecules you’ll safely dissipate, and the more points you will score.”

Two new crafting options are also available by combining two omega fragments with refined dilithium to create Mark and Rarity variations of the omega upgrade. And of course, new emotes are on the way:

  • Dance (Disco)
  • Tea, Earl Grey
  • Evil Plans
  • Organian Greeting
  • Ta-dah!


Poorna Shankar

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