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Star Trek Online Articles

Star Trek Online: An Interview with Character Artist, Ian Castaneda

It’s a rare thing when a game makes it 10 years and still manages to keep fresh with continuing new content. Star Trek Online has just hit the big 10 year mark and it is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With all of the new Star Trek content that is about to launch, new things are surely on the horizon as the team for STO continues to go boldly where no Star Trek title has gone before. We had the chance to sit down with Character Artist, Ian Castaneda, and talk to him a little about his position within this universe.

Star Trek Online: An Interview With Al Rivera And Bill Yeatts

Recently, Star Trek Online released its Awakening update, bringing with it an all new episode, patrols, a new Task Force Operation and more. We sat down and talked with Al Rivera and Bill Yeatts from the STO team to learn more about the process.

An Interview with Voice Actress Kipleigh Brown

Star Trek Online has been consistent with updates and content for years now. The team continues to provide plenty of expansions in the form of Seasons for players. This past week we got to chat with Kipleigh Brown who is the voice actress for Captain Kuumaarke in the game. Kipleigh gave us some unique insight into the character, her passion for Star Trek, and what it is like to do game voice acting.

Agents of Yesterday Celebrates 50 Years of Star Trek

Agent of Yesterday is the next expansion for Star Trek Online that brings the classic, original series into the game in celebration of its 50th anniversary. We had an opportunity to chat with Executive Producer Steve Ricossa to find out more. See what he had to say in our exclusive interview.

Boldly Going into a New Dawn for Season 11

Cryptic Studios is coming off a five year story arc for Star Trek Online, one that saw the Iconian thread woven throughout all other arcs throughout the years. With Season 11: New Dawn set to launch in October, Executive Producer Steve Ricossa is very much looking forward to players getting to see where STO is going next. We had the chance to sit down with Steve to hear more about Season 11 and Cryptic’s return to story.

New Armada System to Benefit Large & Small Fleets

In between major stories, generally introduced through expansions such as Delta Rising last fall, Cryptic puts out mid-season updates that have been becoming larger and larger over the years. Half-season updates tend to be more on focused on system updates, but occasionally a big feature wends its way into one that gives players something wickedly awesome to both look forward to and to experience once the update goes live.

Keeping It Epic - Writing the Stories We Love

With the Iconian invasion just beginning, the Star Trek Online team is bring to full circle a story that began five years ago. In an exclusive interview with Cryptics Al Rivera, we talk about the creative process behind writing the stories we love.

Boldly Blazing a Trail in Space

Next February marks Star Trek Online's fifth anniversary. It's hard to believe it's been that long, especially given the fact that, on launch, STO was less than spectacularly received. Many games would have closed under the pressure but developer Cryptic Studios and publisher Perfect World Entertainment were determined to bring an authentic Star Trek experience to gamers. In other words, Cryptic and PWE did not give up.

Daniel Stahl Talks Legacy of Romulus

Today is a big for Star Trek Online with the release of the Legacy of Romulus expansion. We managed to catch up to Daniel Stahl to talk more about LoR and it's an interview you won't want to miss. Check it out before heading to the comments to weigh in on the discussion.

Things Are Great in Roddenberry's World

It's hard to believe but Star Trek Online is poised on the edge of its third anniversary. We managed to catch up with Executive Producer Dan Stahl to talk about STO. See what he had to say and then leave your thoughts in the comments.

New Romulus Expands the Story

Star Trek Online players have been excited as the development of Season 7: New Romulus has been underway. The new season brings lots of changes to the game and expands the story to give players insight into what has happened to the Romulan home world and more. We caught up with Executive Producer Dan Stahl to talk about New Romulus. Check out what he reveals!

F2P Interview with Dan Stahl

The announcement that Cryptic's Star Trek Online would be going free to play, while not unexpected, came as a surprise timing-wise when it was announced a week or so ago. MMORPG.com Industry Relations Manager Garrett Fuller caught up with STO's Executive Producer Dan Stahl to talk about the future of Star Trek Online as a F2P title. Keep reading and then be sure to leave us your comments.

First Anniversary Interview

Star Trek Online recently celebrated its first anniversary and our own Bill Murphy had the opportunity to sit down with Executive Producer Dan Stahl from Cryptic Studios to talk about the game. The discussion covers topics as wide ranging as STO's biggest successes and player-generated content. It's a terrific interview. Check it out and then leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

Talking with Executive Producer Daniel Stahl

Star Trek Online Season 2 is well under way and new Executive Producer Daniel Stahl is receiving notice for his down-to-earth approach. MMORPG.com's Garrett Fuller had the chance to sit down with Stahl to talk about Klingons, Weekly Episodes, and how players influence the game's future.

Addressing Some Complaints

MMORPG.com's Jon Wood had a chance recently to sit down with Star Trek Online's Craig Zinkievich and Bill Roper to talk about some of the bigger complaints that players have had about the game since its launch.