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The Quiz: Star Trek Online Edition

Drew Wood Posted:
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to the Drew Wood Quiz Power Hour, in which I throw a couple of questions your way and expect full and complete A's from the whole class! This week, I want to focus in on a game that's been released for over a year now and hasn't yet been the subject of its own Quiz; today we look at Star Trek Online! So get your tricorders and whatnot ready, because here we go!

Q: Star Trek Online is developed by ______ and published by ______


Q: There are three playable races amongst the Federation that start with the letter B. Name them. Bonus points: Name the fourth playable race, starting with the letter B, that is unlockable via purchase from the C-Store.


Q: There have been three “Seasons” (free updates) for the game since it's release, each one has a title. What are they? Bonus points: When were each of the free updates released?


Q: According to the official website, there are seven “factions” of Star Trek Online. What are they?


Q: What was the North American release date of the game? Bonus points: The European release date was several days later. When was it?


Q: Name the five playable races (that aren't purchasable) for the Klingon Empire in Star Trek Online.


Q: What company was developing Star Trek Online until bankruptcy derailed the project in January of 2008?


Q: As per the game's official website, what is the official cost of 1 month of gameplay, in USD?


So that concludes our quiz for this week. Join me next week as I take a look at another game, or series of games. Enjoy!


Drew Wood