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Star Trek Online Articles

Star Trek Online Captains Can Take Part in Operation Riposte Starting April 18th

Starting April 18th and running for three weeks, PC Star Trek Online captains can take part in Operation Riposte, "the first major Federation offensive of the Klingon-Federation War of 2256-57". During the event, players level 10 and above can earn a TFO Commendation every 20 hours and will allow players to "earn progress toward a free ship by participating each day in the featured TFO Events" that will run from now through the fall.

Foundry System Goes Dark in Star Trek Online & Neverwinter

The Foundry System in Star Trek Online and Neverwinter was a way for players to create and share adventures with their fellow community members since both games debuted. However, as of today, The Foundry has gone dark in both games. Cryptic Studios posted a brief notice and farewell on the STO Facebook page.

Cryptic Retooling the Star Trek Online Character Creation Process

A new blog post has arrived on the Star Trek Online site to give players a heads up about some big changes coming to character creation. UI Designer Jo Gianulis writes that, at the start, STO character creation was simple and worked well but that, over time, it became "bloated and overwhelming" due to the addition of new species and factions. The process began to "clean up the UI and cut down on the visual clutter".

Star Trek Online Console Versions Cross Into the Mirror of Discovery

Starting today, PlayStation 4 and XBox One captains will be able to pilot their ships into the Mirror of Discovery to "uncover the fate of the Terran Empire's Captain Killy". Killy is voiced by Mary Wiseman, the actor behind the CBS series, Star Trek: Discovery.

Cryptic Studios Retiring Foundry System for Both Neverwinter & Star Trek Online

Sad news for content creators, Cryptic Studios has announced that it is retiring the Foundry system for both Neverwinter and Star Trek Online. The announced closure of the Foundries will occur on April 11, 2019. "This decision was not made lightly; the Foundry was a passion project for many of us." the blog reads. The cited reason for the closure is that "the legacy knowledge required to maintain the Foundry at our quality standards is no longer available".

Star Trek Online Devs Announce Mirror of Discovery Console Launch & New PC Featured Operation

Star Trek Online captains have a lot to look forward to with a pair of announcements from the development team. First off the bat, PC players will be able to take part in a new Featured Task Force Operation called Pahvo Dissension starting today. Next, console captains can look forward to the Mirror of Discovery launch on March 5th.

Star Trek Online: Mirror of Discovery Gift Key Sweepstakes! (PC)

MMORPG.com has been given 110 keys for Star Trek Online to give away to our community! We have 10 keys that will give players the very coveted Engle Mirror Escort ship as well as 100 keys that will give players a NX Class Light Escort and Elite Services Starter Pack. Enter for a chance to win a key now!

Star Trek Online for PC Updated with Mirror of Discovery

Star Trek Online players on PC can now check out the new content offered in Mirror of Discovery, an action-packed chapter that will see players meet the dreaded Terran Empire Captain Tilly. New content includes two featured episodes, Para Pacem and Illusion of Communication. In addition, there are a number of ninth anniversary events to take part in, the ability to check out the new Personal Endeavor System and take part in the Battle at the Binary Stars event.

Star Trek Online to Receive Updates to Character Art with Mirror of Discovery

When Star Trek Online is patch with the Mirror of Discovery content expansion, they will also find a number of significant updates to character art in the game. A new developer interview has been published on the game's site with FX Artist Robert Quinn where he speaks of the changes players can expect, including updated hairstyles to provide a more uniform look across all platforms and that yield better performance.

Star Trek Online Team Shares a Message About the Love of the Franchise for a Father & Son

The Star Trek Online team has shared a post from an individual named Nick Gasper who wrote about his father's and his love of the Star Trek franchise. The "rant" (according to the writer) begins with how much his dad loved Star Trek and raised his son to believe the same. "Sit down, this is important," Nick's dad would say. By sharing those moments through the years of their lives together, they created a bond that has lasted even after the passing of Nick's dad several years ago.

Star Trek Online Devs Detail Ninth Anniversary Activities

The Star Trek Online site has been updated with a new developer diary that lays out the details about the game's upcoming ninth anniversary. The event kicks off on January 23rd and will run through February 11th. During the anniversary celebration, a number of activities will be available for party hearty captains.

Mirror of Discovery is the Next Star Trek Online Chapter & It's Coming January 23rd

Star Trek Online will be getting the next chapter in the ongoing Age of Discovery story arc. On January 23rd, the Mirror of Discovery will send players to a confrontation with Captain Killy, "the ruthless leader of ther Terran Empire's ISS Discovery", the mirror version of Cadet Sylvia Tilly from the "normal" timeline. Also included in the update are two Discovery episodes, anniversary challenges and an updated Endeavors System.

Star Trek Online High-Level Captains Can Now Unlock Account-wide Progression

The Star Trek Online team has laid out the brand new details about the new Personal Endeavors system, essentially an account-wide progression system for captains of level 60+. Each day, captains will be given a trio of "Personal Endeavors" (easy, medium, hard) "that are shared account-wide and unique to every account" and are an addition to the "Universal Endeavors" (formerly server endeavors). These endeavors will "unlock account-wide stat increases".

Bowman’s Star Trek Online Corner

When you think of Star Trek you think of a few things, like humans flying around the universe in powerful ships, exotic alien worlds, and races, and the omnipotent beings like Q. The stories that have been told around this universe have had ups and downs but I think that it has been mostly good. One of the best things Star Trek Online has done is the inclusion of events, such as Q’s Winter Wonderland and The Tzenkethi Go to War events. Let’s dig a little deeper into these events.

Star Trek Online Captains to Face Off Against the Tzenkethi

From today through December 31st, Star Trek Online captains can face off against the Tzenkethi during a special Red Alert event. During the Tzenkethi Red Alert, teams of five are tasked with stopping the "genocidal Tzenkethi" from unleashing a super weapon at unprepared planets.