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Star Trek Online Articles

Star Trek Online Boosts Pilot Bridge Officer Abilities To Make Them More Impactful

Pilot Bridge Officers are getting some much-needed attention in Star Trek Online's, aiming to make all the abilities of the Officer impactful across the board.

Star Trek Online: Refractions Out Today, Concluding the Terran Gambit and Opening the 13th Anniversary

Today, the latest Star Trek Online update, Refractions, launches on PC, with the 13th anniversary event, the conclusion of the Terran Gambit arc and more Mirror Universe mayhem.

Wil Wheaton is Emperor Crusher from the Mirror Universe in New Update Star Trek Online: Ascension

Emperor Crusher, the Mirror Universe version of Wesley Crusher has arrived in Star Trek Online: Ascension. The update brings a new TFO, ties into the Emperor's Will event, and lets you upgrade a bridge officer for free.

Star Trek Online Is Bringing Wesley Crusher To The MMO In Ascension On September 13th

Star Trek Online has a history of bringing iconic characters from the universe to its game, and today during Star Trek Day, Cryptic revealed that Wil Wheaton would be reprising his role as Wesley Crusher in the upcoming Star Trek Online: Ascension.

Star Trek Online Players Hold In-Game Vigil For The Late Nichelle Nichols, Who Passed Away On Sunday

The Star Trek community is in mourning as one of the original cast members and trailblazer for women and people of color in entertainment, Nichelle Nichols, passed away on Sunday at the age of 89. Star Trek Online's players took to the game to mourn this loss, holding a vigil for Nichols.

Join Us As We Stream Star Trek Online With Community Manager Mike Fatum

Today MMORPG.com will be streaming some Star Trek Online with Cryptic's community manager Mike Fatum! Join us as we explore the unknown - as well as take in STO's summer event - with the developers this evening!

Star Trek Stormfall Launches On Console, Brings Lohlunat Festival On June 30th

The latest update to Cryptic Studios' Star Trek Online, Stormfall, has released on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The update brings the next chapter in the STO story as the team preps for its upcoming Lohlunat festival kicking off on June 30th.

Janeway Returns to Star Trek Online in New Stormfall Update, Featuring New Story Content and TFO Overhauls

It's time to be back in the Mirrorverse with Star Trek Online's latest update, Stormfall. The update features features Kate Mulgrew returning as Janeway, two new story episodes, and several new and returning Star Trek characters

Interview: Talking Star Trek Online With Senior Game Designer Jesse Heinig

Star Trek Online has hummed along now for over a decade, bringing players to space and allowing them to explore strange new worlds. But what's it like to create those worlds, especially in the broader universe that Star Trek Online inhabits? We spoke to Senior Game Designer Jesse Heinig about building the MMO and what it's been like working on such a fabled IP.

Star Trek Online's Next Chapter, Stormfall, Continues Its Story In The Mirror Universe

The next chapter in the Star Trek Online story will be coming next month and will see players continue their journey through the Mirror Universe. Stormfall will hit PCs on May 10th, while console players will be waiting till June.

Star Trek Online Ship Sweepstakes

Cryptic and Perfect World Entertainment have teamed up with MMORPG.com to host a sweepstakes giving Star Trek Online fans a chance to win a code which unlocks three ships in the sci-fi MMORPG.

Star Trek Online Shadow's Advance Brings Janeway and more Mirror Universe Content to Consoles

Shadow's Advance, the new update for Star Trek Online brings Voyager's Janeway and Mirror Universe content to the game on console

Four Ships From Star Trek Online Come to Star Trek: Picard in a Franchise First

Several ships originating in Star Trek Online made their debut in the Star Trek: Picard series, marking the first time STO content has made it to a live Trek series.

Star Trek Online and Neverwinter Ending Support for DirectX 10 and Windows 7 As of Tomorrow

PC players of Star Trek Online or Neverwinter will have to be running DirectX 11 and a later version of Windows than 7 after today.

Star Trek Online Adds Captain Janeway From Voyager In Shadow's Advance, Out Today On PC

Star Trek Online is celebrating its 12th anniversary with a milestone in-game, as Shadow's Advance adds one of the first female captains in Star Trek history: Captain Janeway from Star Trek Voyager.