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Star Crusade: War for the Expanse

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    Unity 3D
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    ZiMAD Games
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Star Crusade: War for the Expanse Overview

Star Crusade is a digital collectible card game (CCG) that lets players command powerful sci-fi factions in head-to-head card duels. The game will launch with six unique playable factions, each with its own powers, play style, and flavor, and lets players challenge each other in a variety of play modes, including casual play, ranked duels, and draft modes, and also includes a single-player practice mode. The game’s unique features include Variable Deck Size, which lets players choose a deck from 25-40 cards in size – but with a health pool that matches deck size – as well as Commander Modules, which act as additional powers that add an extra level of customization onto deck building.

  • Massive Strategy: | Experience endless variety with a massive pool of more than 400 playable cards and six unique factions - complement the strengths of your faction with an array of neutral mercenary cards to build the next killer tournament deck.
  • Customize Your Tactics with Modules: | This all-new feature offers more than 40 “Module” cards that add unique bonuses and skills to your Commander to customize your forces and strategy even further.
  • Variable Deck Size: | Customize your forces further by building a deck with as few as 25 cards or as many as 40 – your choice will not only affect how your deck plays, but your overall survivability.
  • Multiple Modes for All Skill Levels: | Choosefrom a variety of modes: single-player practice, head-to-head casual competition, ranked leaderboard play and random-draft raid mode. Complete regular daily event quests for tons of free bonuses –it’s completely free to unlock every piece of content in the game.
  • Constant Updates: | Star Crusadewill soon expand with 2v2 cooperative battle modes, social sharing features to let you share deck ideas and even gift card packs to friends.