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Star Citizen Talks Salvage in New Q&A Video

Multi-step process

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest Star Citizen video takes a look at salvage in the persistent universe.

In short, salvage will be comprised of four components: hull scrapping, siphoning valuables, component removal, and the maw. Valuables can include items like fuel and oxygen, whereas component removal can include things like a ship’s cooler.

Keep in mind, ships will need to be tweaked to allow for this. Past ships will need to be retrofitted with hatches and other removable components and the like to support salvaging. On top of this, newer components like actual power systems will needed to be added as well for salvaging later.

All this said, this whole salvage system will require phases for implementation. Therefore, new power systems will need to be added, physical components will need to be added for ships, hull scrapping will need to be introduced, and then finally, the actual breaking down of the ships.

You can catch the whole video outlining salvage below:


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