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Star Citizen Community Content Schedule Out Now

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Star Citizen has shared its first Weekly Community Content Schedule for 2020.

Senior Community Manager, Ulf Kuerschner, begins by looking back on 2019,

“We brought you patches that introduced new locations like ArcCorp, caves, and microTech, and we welcomed additions such as a personal commodity inventory, FPS mining and a new flight model. Tech-wise, we made leaps forward with the new Projectile Manager, Planet Tech V4, and of course the first iteration of Server-side Object Container Streaming. We’ve implemented a new launcher, introduced an in-game/on-Spectrum Guide System, brought you the Galactapedia, established ship customization with the Origin 300 series, and so much more.”

As for the schedule, Tuesday (today) will see the Lore Team looking ath the history behind Chemline Solutions which provides much of the chemicals in the universe.

The next day, Wednesday, will see the announcement of the Holiday Contest winners. Thursday won’t have an Inside Star Citizen due to taking a short break after releasing Alpha 3.8. However, on Friday, updates to the Roadmaps, the Subscriber Vault, and weekly newsletter will be available, along with a new Star Citizen Live.


Poorna Shankar

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