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Star Citizen - Cloud Imperium Explains Squadron 42 and Roadmap Problems, New Roadmap Planned

The Roadmap for the Roadmap has Been Roadmapped!

Steven Weber Updated: Posted:
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In a transmission sent from the Cloud Imperium Team, news on Squadron 42 and the missed or removed items on the previous Star Citizen Roadmap plan were explained away in detail. Due to some features not being able to concisely planned with hard release dates, a new Public Roadmap will be created to bring more transparency to the development process.

The long post detailed a lot of the changes the new Public Roadmap will provide including a new progress tracker. They also divulged their progress on the “work-in-progress” public roadmap, that displays a view of various “sprint” views for particular teams. While what was shown is only a mock up of what the Public Roadmap might look like, the details depicted in the mock up were said to be the actual, current development roadmap for the Actor Feature Team.

Star Citizen proclaimed in the post that they value transparency throughout the entirety of their development cycle, and feel that this new Public Roadmap is the way to do that, despite other parts of the post stating that some pieces of development must stay hidden, whether it’s the R&D department, or big spoilers.

Issues began after the previous Roadmap released without Squadron 42 listed, which brough the fervent Star Citizen community to a frothy pique. Questions swirled on whether Squadron 42 was dropped, or if something else was going on. This comes on the heels of the community already souring on the lateness or missing information on roadmaps as a whole. This was brought up directly in the post:

“Some who follow us understand that just because something is not on the roadmap does not mean it’s not being actively developed. Others, however, believe that if something is not on the roadmap then it means that it is “delayed” or “cancelled.” This creates confusion in some cases and leaves us unable to properly communicate or present the actual work, simply because we don’t display something unless we have a good idea of when it’ll be ready for public consumption.”

So far the response from the community on the Star Citizen official forums has been largely positive, despite no new information provided in terms of Squadron 42.


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