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Free-Fly Event Underway in Star Citizen

Runs until June 1

Garrick Durham-Raley Posted: May 22, 2020 4:15 PM
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Starting today, the ambitious sci-fi MMO Star Citizen will be free to try for new players for the next 11 days as part of their Free-Fly event.

From May 22 until June 1, players can experience the Free Fly event as part of Star Citizen’s in-game Invictus Launch Week celebration, which gives players the opportunity to test-fly several of the verse’s most iconic ships for free.

“In addition to high-flying public demonstrations from the naval fleet, the galaxy’s top vehicle manufacturers often utilize the festivities to showcase the ships and armament they supply to the military. This year, official proceedings will be held at Area18, ArcCorp, with spacecraft showcases at the Bevic Convention Center and a special demonstration by the 999th Squadron.

During Invictus Launch Week, everyone has the opportunity to see some of the verse’s biggest, best, and most iconic ships up close. Different manufacturers take over every other day, so keep checking back to be inspired by everything the event has to offer.

Most ships on display are available to test-fly for free, so just select the ship you want, and take to the skies.”

Every two days, the list of available ships will rotate out to different manufacturers to allow players the chance for hands-on flying with ships ranging from sleek fighters to multi-crew freighters. Check out their full schedule (linked above) to see which ships from different manufacturers will be available throughout the event as well as this guide for new players to get started.


Garrick Durham-Raley

Garrick is a doting father of two and devoted husband. When he's not busy playing Final Fantasy XIV, he can usually be found drifting between a dozen different MMOs. His favorite game of all time is Diablo II and he is unironically excited for Diablo Immortal.