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Star Citizen Articles

Around the Verse: Squadron 42 & Mark Hamill's Character

The character voiced by Star Wars' Mark Hamill was shown in the latest Star Citizen: Around the Verse. The special edition was conducted in celebration of Star Wars Day on May 4th. The video begins with the usual updates on the game's development including damage models for ships, some animations and other topics of interest to fans. At about 23:44 into the video, Commander Steve "Old Man" Colton shows up, the very character voiced by Hamill.

Banu Defender Subject of Developer Q&A

The Star Citizen team recently revealed information about the Banu Defender, one of the ships coming to the game in the future. The team has collected a number of questions from the community and sent them on to the developers to answer. Topics included cockpit visibility, range and mobility of the fighter, whether or not it comes with a jump drive, what type of weapons it uses and so on.

The Road to Alpha 3.0 & the Balance of 2017 Published

The Star Citizen site has been updated with the 2017 road map that gives an idea of the tasks the team will be working on with specific regard to the launch of Alpha 3.0 as well as the remainder of 2017. The target date for 3.0 is June 29th. The entire schedule includes a timeline of when each will begin and end, though as with any schedule, it is subject to change.

Around The Verse Takes A Look At The Buccaneer Ship

The Star Citizen team was on hand for the latest Around The Verse livestream, this time to discuss the design of the Drake Buccaneer Ship Pipeline. In this episode, Eric Kieron Davis and Steve Bender discuss the technical process that any ship goes through from design and concept through finished product implemented into the game.

Lengthy Monthly Studio Report Published

The Star Citizen site has been updated with a tremendous amount of information for interested fans. Each studio has a short video and a brief description of what they have been working on for the past month. You can find out information about game systems, Squadron 42, light and reflection, ships that are still in construction and much, much more.

Fly For Free Through March 14th

In honor of this weekend's PAX East gathering, interested players can fly for free in Star Citizen. Players will be able to try out the Sabre fighter and its weaponry. To do so simply go to the official site, create a new account or use an existing one and enter the promo-code PAXEAST2017. You can get started today!

Latest Edition of Around the Verse Gives LA Studio Update

The latest Around the Verse has been published that gives viewers a full half hour of all things Star Citizen. In the latest episode, Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner speak about the new community platform called Spectrum. In addition, they give a brief preview of the Anvil Hurricane a "concept fighter ship". Lastly, the pair sneak in a "special preview" at the end of the broadcast. See what you think!

Alpha 2.6.1 & Spectrum Now Live

Star Citizen published their weekly newsletter that lets players know that Alpha 2.6.1 has been deployed that most notably brings multi-region servers. In addition, a number of bug fixes targeting Star Marine, Arena Commander and Crusader, as well as feature enhancements have been added. Also the team has released Spectrum - a new hub for chat, forums and community.

Version 2.6.1 Hits Public Test Universe

Star Citizen's PTU has been updated with Alpha 2.6.1 that brings some fairly significant updates to the game. Most notably, multi-regional server support has been added, Star Marine has been updated and a lot more players have been invited for testing.

Latest Happy Hour Details Customization Options

The latest edition of the Star Citizen Happy Hour has been released with much of the discussion centering around customization options in both Star Citizen and Squadron 42. Much of the discussion focused on hair and clothing choices for players.

Moving From 2.6 To 3.0

Chris Roberts has posted the latest weekly newsletter to detail the current plans for Star Citizen v2.6.1 and with the first hints of moving to 3.0. The next update see the game receive a number of performance improvements, balance updates as well as some new features including leaderboards.

Community Content Created In Director Mode Highlighted

Roberts Space Industries has released a brand new Star Citizen video that takes a look at community content created using Director Mode that was released as a part of Alpha 2.6. Players captured some of their experiences in a number of their locations throughout the game.

Chris Roberts Clarifies Switch to Amazon's Lumberyard

Chris Robert took to the Star Citizen forums to add a bit of clarification to last week's announcement that the game had been switched over to Amazon's Lumberyard engine for the duration of its development. He begins with the simple statement that Lumberyard and the Star Citizen engine up to last week's announcedment are "both forks from exactly the SAME build of CryEngine".

Now Built with Lumberyard & 2.6 with Star Marine Launches

Star Citizen is now being built using the Amazon Lumberyard engine after several years in development. Lumberyard is a free AAA cross-platform 3D engine. Both Star Citizen and Squadron 42 will use the engine from now forward.

Internal Development Documents To Be Shared Going Forward

Chris Roberts has sent out the latest Star Citizen Letter from the Chairman. In it he thanks the community for their support of the game and details what the team has to go through in the development process. Like every game developer, the Star Citizen team has kept much of its development process internalized, particularly with regards to timelines and release dates.