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RSI Ditches Star Citizen's 'CitizenCon' Keynote Address Fee

Over the past week, fans of Star Citizen have been in a kerfuffle with Roberts Space Industries over the $20 fee required to view the CitizenCon keynote address. As a result, RSI has opted to remove the fee to make the speech / presentation viewable for free. According to the post, the fee was introduced to offset the larger-than-expected CitizenCon.

You're Invited to Play Star Citizen for Free Through August 27th

From today through August 27th, interested fans can try out Star Citizen for free. Players can download the game and check out the full details about the promotional weekend on the official site.

Roberts Responds to Pay-to-Win Concerns After Currency Cap Removed

Star Citizen's Chris Roberts has taken to the official forums in defense of the removal of the in-game currency cap. After the United Earth Credits cap was lifted (previously players could accumulate 150k UEC), players began to raise concerns that "if the amount of money a player could amass before launch equals (number of days until launch x 25k daily total, there are players who..[may] be able to outright control the economy", according to one Reddit user.

Take Part in the Free Fly Weekend Through April 16th

From now through April 16th, you can check out Star Citizen in its current alpha state for free. Using the code GetIntoTheVerse gives you entry into the game to try out several ships including the Mustang, Aurora MR, Cutlass Black or zoom around on the Cyclone while planetside. You'll also be able to try your hand at Arena Commander and Star Marine.

Revamped Site Facilitates Better, More Intuitive Navigation

Roberts Space Industries has released the overhauled site for Star Citizen with better navigation to find RSI / community interactive pages, Squadron 42 information and for Star Citizen itself. Visitors can now more easily find video tutorials, many of them new, as well as other media. The goal is for "stronger branding for all three pillars of the game's development".

Cloud Imperium Fires Back at Crytek's Lawsuit, Seeks Case's Dismissal

You may remember that in December 2017, Crytek filed a lawsuit against Roberts Space Industries and Cloud Imperium Gaming citing copyright infringement. In new documents filed in California, CIG has fired back and is seeking to have the case dismissed due to selective citations from the licensing agreement. In fact, the GLA says that the CryEngine can be used for "the game currently entitled Star Citizen & ... Squadron 42".

Nearly $35M Raised in 2017 Alone. Funding Now Eclipses $175M

Star Citizen's crowd funding juggernaut continued throughout 2017 with RSI raising nearly $35M in additional development funds. The total since the initiative began is now $175M. In fact, the Star Citizen crowdfunding effort has exceeded the sum total of every other KickStarter program throughout 2017.

Backers Get an Early Christmas Present with a Chance to Test v3.0 Alpha

Roberts Space Industry has an early Christmas gift for all backers with the ability to test 3.0 Alpha now enabled. The good news came via the official forums (thanks, anonymous tipster!) with links to the installer, instructions on how to install the PTU and how to get a temporary password sent out. Backers will also find an FAQ, patch notes and the default control scheme. Lastly, you can take part in the PTU test chat on Spectrum.

UPDATE: Crytek Files Copyright Infringement Suit, Cloud Imperium Responds

UPDATE: We have received a brief statement from Cloud Imperium Games. See it after the jump. ORIGINAL: In a new twist in the always entertaining Star Citizen drama, Crytek has filed paperwork in California's Central District Court alleging that Cloud Imperium Games and Roberts Space Industries have infringed on its copyright by using CryEngine to create non-Star Citizen assets for use in Squadron 42.

New Program Lets You Buy Land to do with 'As You See Fit'

Roberts Space Industries is selling Star Citizen fans and players claim licenses used for parcels of land in two sizes. For $50, you can own a 4km x 4km plot or for $100, you can cozy up to an 8km x 8km parcel. The purchase price also includes a "Geotack marking beacon" to easily find your slice of the heavens as well as to provide you with real-time information on local weather. While available for real world dollars, players can also earn parcels through normal gameplay progress.

Alpha 3.0 Testing Opens to New Groups of Players

The Star Citizen site has been updated with the news that three more groups will be allowed access to Alpha 3.0. 1st Wave testers, Subscribers and Concierge have access to the PTU and can download and install the PTU Launcher and get started testing the "traversal system by quantum traveling, landing on moons, locating and visiting Levski" and just spending time exploring.

Buy an Intel SSD, Get a Key & a Ship for Star Citizen's Early Alpha

During one of the first events for the Star Citizen fan event in Germany (CitizenCon), it was announced that Roberts Space Industries has partnered with Intel to provide buyers of its newest SSD with a key to Early Alpha. The "Optane SSD 900P" series comes in two varieties: A 480Gb version for $600 or a 280Gb version for $390.

'v3.0 is Moving into a Phase Akin to Early Access'

In an extensive interview at Eurogamer, Star Citizen's Chris Roberts likens the v3.0 version of the game to being roughly equivalent to Early Access as it is defined by other games. He further speaks about some of the features players will find in 3.0 including character, ship and item persistence, basic AI and more.

Over 2.5 Hours of Gamescom 2017 Gameplay & Info

During last week's Gamescom, Chris Roberts and the Star Citizen team was on hand to show off the game in a big, big way. The presentation lasted nearly 2.5 hours and features more than a little bit of game play action.

3.0 Delay Concerns Addressed by Will Leverett

With the long awaited v3.0 update to Star Citizen still undated, players have been expressing concern over the delay. The update was first planned for late 2016, but with the fast approach of late 2017, there is no deployment in site. A new post on the "Spectrum" from Will Leverett addresses player concerns, most notably by saying that the production schedule was made as a framework, not as something set in stone.