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Star Citizen Articles

Star Citizen Roadmap Roundup Sees More Cards Temporarily Removed From Roadmap

The latest Star Citizen roadmap roundup reveals some change in naming conventions, along with some updates on a few features.

Inside Star Citizen Looks at Lighting

The latest Inside Star Citizen takes a look at lighting and some of the problems it creates.

Star Citizen Shares Upcoming Content and Updates for May

The Star Citizen team have shared a look-ahead at what's in store for May, starting with Alpha 3.9.

Star Citizen's CitizenCon Cancelled Due to COVID-19

COVID-19 has caused yet another industry event to be cancelled. This time, that event is Star Citizen's CitizenCon.

Star Citizen's Alpha 3.9: Locked Up and Loaded Update is Now Available

The Locked Up and Loaded update for Alpha 3.9 of Star Citizen has been released today . Here are the details.

Star Citizen Shares Weekly Content Schedule

The weekly content schedule for Star Citizen has been shared. Here's what's on the docket for this week.

Star Citizen AMA Looks at the Quantum System

A recent Star Citizen AMA looks at the Quantum system. The AMA featured Senior Technical Designer Jake Muehle and more. Here's what we learned.

Star Citizen Live Looks at Quantum Travel and More

The latest Star Citizen Live takes a look at quantum travel and more.

Star Citizen Roadmap Roundup Outlines Several Changes

The latest roadmap for Star Citizen points to several changes to the schedule.

This Week in Star Citizen Features New Narrative Team Story, and More

This week in Star Citizen features more Narrative team content, in addition to a small update on Alpha 3.9.

Here's What's In Store This Week in Star Citizen

This week in Star Citizen includes a new short story, a Squadron 42 monthly report, and more.

Star Citizen Monthly Report Looks at Alpha 3.9 AI, Animation, and More

The newest Star Citizen Monthly Report looked at a bevy of topics including AI, Animation, and more for Alpha 3.9.

Star Citizen Lays Out This Week's Content Schedule

This week's content schedule has been shared by the Star Citizen team.

Over 2 Million Missions Have Been Completed in Star Citizen

Over two million missions have been completed in Star Citizen, according to the latest infographic shared by the team.

New Inside Star Citizen Looks at Weapon Attachment UI

The latest Inside Star Citizen look at weapon attachment UI and New Babbage.