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Star Citizen Articles

Here's Why Squadron 42 News Was Delayed

Cloud Imperium have provided an update as to why news of Squadron 42, the single-player module of Star Citizen, was delayed, citing a video which wasn't up to their usual standard.

This Week in Star Citizen Features Foundation Festival

The latest This Week in Star Citizen outlines the events for the upcoming week, including the Foundation Festival.

Star Citizen Provides Postmortem on Invictus and Alpha 3.9.X

Star Citizen's Cloud Imperium Games have recapped Alpha 3.9.X and Invictus Launch Week in a postmortem.

Star Citizen Publishes Monthly Report for June

Star Citizen has given its most recent Monthy Report for the month of June, covering what they've worked on and teasing what's to come.

PvP Receives Focus in Star Citizen Dev Video

A recent Star Citizen Calling All Devs video looks at PvP and what the future of PvP gameplay holds for the universe.

Star Citizen Roadmap Roundup  Sees Several Cards Move to Polishing

The most recent roadmap roundup for Star Citizen announces several cards moving into polishing on the PU Roadmap.

Star Citizen Outlines Upcoming Improvements for Flight and Fight

Star Citizen has shared some upcoming improvements planned for flight and fighting.

Star Citizen Has Raised Over $300 Million

Star Citizen has reached another funding milestone has it has now raised over $300 million.

Inside Star Citizen Looks at Creature Design

The most recent Inside Star Citizen video looks at creature design.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.10 Will Help Make Landing Easier

Star Citizen has recently detailed a new feature being introduced in patch Alpha 3.10 that will help make landing in spaceports a lot easier for players.

Star Citizen Talks Salvage in New Q&A Video

The latest Star Citizen video takes a look at salvage in the persistent universe.

Star Citizen Roadmap Roundup Looks at Thruster Efficiency Curves and Ship HUD

The latest roadmap roundup for Star Citizen takes a look at thruster efficiency and a rework of the ship HUD.

Star Citizen's Free Fly Event Extended Until June 2

Over the weekend, Star Citizen's Free Fly event has had a bevy of technical issues preventing players from even logging in to the game. As a result, the Free Fly event is being extended through midnight June 2nd.

Free-Fly Event Underway in Star Citizen

Starting today, the ambitious sci-fi MMO Star Citizen will be free to try for new players for the next 11 days as part of their Free-Fly event.

Star Citizen Shares Invictus Launch Week Schedule

Cloud Imperium have shared the schedule for Star Citizen's Invictus Launch Week, running from May 22 through June 1.