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Hangar App Revealed

Some of the folks who pledged for the development of Star Citizen will be receiving an in-game ship that can be customized and inspected via a new mobile application currently in development. The team has created a video to show off the work in progress that is pretty awesome. Check it out!

$8 Million and Counting

Roberts Space Industries has announced that Star Citizen has crossed the eight million mark in crowd-funding, exceeding the total amount raised during last year's original crowd-funding campaign by $1.75 million.

Chris Roberts Interview Coming - Give us your questions!

MMORPG.com caught up with Chris Roberts to talk about all things Star Citizen, from smuggling, to controls, to PVP, PVE, and player crafting. Watch!

Live-stream with Chris Roberts TOMORROW!

Want to know how things are going since Chris Roberts and his team secured over six million in funding via crowd-sourcing? Want to ask him some questions about the game's design, its offline and MMO features? Want to just tell him how grateful you are for Wing Commander? Tune in tomorrow on our live-stream at 5pm EST (2pm PST) for all this and more!

Crowd Sourcing Passes the $6.3M Mark

Star Citizen's crowd sourcing project is now complete and has smashed the original goal of raising $4M in development funds. Fans around the world have pledged nearly $6.4M to see Star Citizen become a reality.

Approaching the $4M Mark

The Star Citizen team has announced that it is quickly approaching the $4M mark in its bid to crowd fund the game. Beginning today, the official site will be releasing new information about items and updated information about Star Citizen as the final forty-eight hours for fully funding the game wind down.

Surpasses $2M in Funding

Chris Roberts has announced that his company, Cloud Imperium, has raised over $2M in funding required to complete Star Citizen. Added to Star Citizen's original Cloud Source funding, the game maker has surpassed $2M goal.