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Mark Hamill to Star in Squadron 42 & CitizenCon Videos

During today's CitizenCon, Chris Roberts and the Star Citizen team unveiled the all-star cast of Squadron 42, the single player portion of the game. Fans will recognize such luminaries as Gary Oldman, Gillian Anderson, Mark Hamill and John Rhys-Davies.

Live CitizenCon Presentation to Begin Soon

Thanks to Erillion and MrSnuffles for posting the information about today's CitizenCon, otherwise known as Star Citizen live from Manchester. The stream has yet to begin, but is set to start soon. The timer has reset itself a time or two so be patient.

Chris Roberts Responds to Recent Allegations

Star Citizen's Chris Roberts has taken to the game's official page to speak out against recent allegations against Roberts Space Industries coming from several quarters. Most notably, Roberts addresses the company's handling of finances raised through KickStarter and employee issues stemming from anonymous 'insiders' over the past couple of weeks.

Smart Enlists Legal Team, Threatens Class-Action Lawsuit

In the latest salvo fired across the bow of the Roberts Space Industries ship, Derek Smart has hired the legal firm of De La Pena & Holiday LLP that has sent a letter demanding, among other things, immediate refunds to all parties requesting them regardless of Terms of Service restriction, a forensic accounting of the fund-raising activities of RSI along with a completion date for Star Citizen. All these are demanded via the letter "to avoid legal action" on behalf of Derek Smart.

Star Marine Update Published

The Star Citizen site has been updated with a look at the progress being made on one of the game's core features, Star Marine. While several issues have cropped up during a recent merge to integrate work done by a variety of teams working on the project, Star Marine is progressing as the team continues to battle the bugs.

Roberts & Ex-Employees Speak Candidly About Delays

Kotaku has a new interview with Star Citizen's Chris Roberts with some informative answers to questions about the game's delay. It may be remembered that developers were targeting a November 2014 release date. Nearly a year past that hoped-for date, many have started to question Roberts' about where the nearly $90M in crowd fund dollars has gone.

Multicrew Demo Builds on the  Arena Commander Module

Chris Roberts and the Star Citizen team showed off a demo that builds on the Arena Commander module. To best explain it, a video was produced to show multi-crew ships that will house all of the pals of a player's pilots. See what you think and leave us your comments.

Latest 10 For the Chairman Spotlights Current & Future Plans

Chris Roberts is back from a recent trip to check on progress with the motion capture process for Star Citizen. In this latest in a series of videos, Roberts and Ben Lesnick discuss topics as wide-ranging as the status of Star Marine to controller balance to the story behind recent staff departures to whether or not the game will be possible to finish and much more. For those who have been caught up in recent events regarding allegations of mismanagement, it is a must-watch.

Alpha 1.1.5 PTU Now Available

RSI has just posted on the Star Citizen site that the 1.1.5 Alpha is now available on the Public Test Universe (PTU).

FPS Module in 3-5 Weeks According to Roberts

GamersNexus.net has a comprehensive video interview with Star Citizen's Chris Roberts. The focus of the interview is on the first person shooter module that was recently delayed indefinitely. That has changed, however, with Roberts indicating that it will be out in three, four or five weeks, perhaps coinciding with Gamescom.

Smart Offers $1M to Investigate, RSI Responds to Concerns

Derek Smart is not mincing words when it comes to Star Citizen and his contention that Roberts Space Industry is conducting shady business. He has written several blogs, participated in interviews and been the subject of countless forum threads around the game space. Today he has written another article which, at first glance, might appear to be more of the same. However, he is serious in getting to the bottom of what he believes is going on to the tune of one million dollars out of his pocket.

Game On #69 - Derek Smart Speaks Out on Star Citizen

This week on Game On, Chris sits down with Derek Smart to talk about the troubling state of Star Citizen. Derek has worked on similar games for 20+ years and shares his unique perspective on why he thinks the game will never release the way it's being promised and, more importantly, why he's waging a war for accountability. This is an interview you won't want to miss.

Should We Question RSI & Star Citizen? Derek Smart Thinks So

Derek Smart has taken to his personal blog and launched a long piece about Star Citizen, how it has taken vast sums of money from backers who appear to, as Smart alleges, be willing in all that is spoken about the game without much actually being shown. It is Smart's contention that fans will never see a product that will approach its actual cost. With $85M in the coffers, Smart feels that dollars are being burned through very quickly with a staff of 300+.

Community Manager Addresses Concerns

The Star Citizen team has come out to address several concerns raised by both the backer community and the larger MMO community over the preceding week. Addressing each individual concern, players are given information that counters what has been spread.

Capturing a Visceral Feel & FPS Module Work

Chris Robert's Letter from the Chairman is an interesting one where he discusses the work being done with performance capture. His hope is that Star Citizen will feel more visceral as a result of using one to three camera's on each actor's face, and up to fifty cameras capturing the movement of each player's body. According to Roberts, this amount of intensive performance capture will allow more emotion, nuance and subtlety than in any game he's ever created before.