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Star Citizen Articles

Andy Serkis’ Motion Capture Experience Lives on Film

Andy Serkis, actor of note from Gollum in Lord of the Rings to Caesar in Planet of the Apes, has a role in Star Citizen's Squadron 42. Serkis took part in a recent motion capture event at The Imaginarium that was caught on film. Check out the video below to see how it all went down!

Free Fly Event To Feature All Currently Available Ships

Players looking to try out Star Citizen will have an opportunity to do so thanks to the next week's Free Fly Event. During the special promotion those taking part will have access to all currently available ships, the Arena Commander module and the recently implemented social module.

Package Split Explained in New FAQ

The Star Citizen site has been updated with a new FAQ to clear up some of the confusion that last week's announcement caused with regard to the separation between Star Citizen, the persistent world, and Squadron 42, the single-player campaign.

Free Fly Access Begins

Fans who are interested in learning more about Star Citizen have been invited to try out the game for free this week. Potential players are required to create an account on Star Citizen site and will be able to check out Star Citizen 2.1.2, Arena Commander and the Social Module.

Behind the Scenes with Captain McLaren aka Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson has a role in Star Citizen: Squadron 42 as Captain McLaren. Last summer, Anderson traveled to London's Imaginarium Studios for some motion capture acting to prepare her character's role. Check it out for some fascinating footage of a work in progress. It's quite cool!

Alpha v2.1 Arrives

The Star Citizen site has been updated with a look at the latest version of the alpha. The latest alpha client features new ships, a few put on sale in celebration of v2.1, a new weapon and a more streamlined bug reporting system.

New Trailer Introduces Procedurally Generated Planet Systems

Roberts Space Industry has sent out a brand new holiday gift for fans in the form of a Star Citizen trailer showing procedurally generated planet systems. It's a gorgeous video shot 100% in-engine with some pretty cool explanations of what is being shown. Check it out and leave us your thoughts in the comments.

Alpha 2.0 Now Live, Crowd Funding Nears $100M

Star Citizen has entered its next major phase of development with the arrival of Alpha 2.0. Now live, Alpha 2.0 brings space combat, FPS and multi-crew ships into the game simultaneously for the first time.

Alpha 2.0 Trailer Debuts at Game Awards 2015

During last night's Game Awards, Chris Roberts and Mark Hamill took center stage to present a brand new official trailer from Star Citizen Alpha 2.0. Hamill is one of the primary stars of the Squadron 42 portion of Star Citizen and co-presented an award with Chris Roberts. The video spotlights some of the in-game motion-capture footage recently completed by RSI.

'Another 50,000 Citizens' to be Added to Alpha 2.0

The latest Star Citizen Weekly Development Update has been posted to the game's official site with the exciting news that 50,000 more 'Citizens' will soon be added to Alpha 2.0 to continue to assist the team with bug squashing and to, as the letter states, take part in "emergent gameplay" as evidenced on YouTube and Twitch.

v2.0 Beta Invites to Begin Rolling Out Soon

As part of a live stream event earlier today, Chris Roberts announced that the v2.0 beta for Star Citizen first person shooter module will be entering its first phase of beta testing with invites going out over the next several weeks.

Mark Hamill Talks Star Citizen, Wing Commander & More

The latest issue of PC Gamer magazine has hit the stands with none other than Mark Hamill gracing the cover in his Star Citizen role of Lt. Commander Steve 'Old Man' Colton. The PC Gamer team has posted a great video showing the motion capture that Hamill underwent for his role. In addition, Hamill speaks to his role in the game, in Star Wars and much more. It's a fantastic fifteen minute look at a beloved star of movies and games.

Latest Update Brings Alpha 2.0 Closer to Reality

The latest development update has been posted on the Star Citizen site that gives backers and fans a look at what the various teams have been doing. According to the post, the first-person universe will be something that has not been done before in the history of video games" and that goal doesn't always go as smoothly as envisioned, often times requiring a bit more time under the hood to reach the ultimate goal.

Take 10 with the Chairman

The latest "10 for the Chairman" video diary has been released. In it, Roberts Space Industry's Chris Roberts takes on ten community questions about Star Citizen.

Updates to SC 2.0 & Star Marine + WiP Video of Port Olisar

The Star Citizen site's second weekly update has been published that give fans and backers a look at what the team has been up to with regard to SC 2.0 and Star Marine. The blog is packed with interesting tidbits including the news that ships can split in two!