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Star Citizen Articles

Now Built with Lumberyard & 2.6 with Star Marine Launches

Star Citizen is now being built using the Amazon Lumberyard engine after several years in development. Lumberyard is a free AAA cross-platform 3D engine. Both Star Citizen and Squadron 42 will use the engine from now forward.

Internal Development Documents To Be Shared Going Forward

Chris Roberts has sent out the latest Star Citizen Letter from the Chairman. In it he thanks the community for their support of the game and details what the team has to go through in the development process. Like every game developer, the Star Citizen team has kept much of its development process internalized, particularly with regards to timelines and release dates.

Anniversary Celebration Unlocks All Ships for Backers

Star Citizen backers will be pleased to know that all flyable ships have been unlocked as a celebratory post scriptum to last weekend's CitizenCon. Ships will be available from now through October 17th.

Citizen Con Presentation Centers on Upcoming Alpha Plans

On Sunday, October 9th, the Star Citizen team took to the stage at CitizenCon to talk about forthcoming plans for upcoming alpha phases, what features will be added at what stage of development and so on. In addition, gameplay footage showing a mission carried out on a procedurally-generated planet.

CitizenCon Starts Today with Streams Galore

The Star Citizen "CitizenCon" gathering is getting underway later today with a number of live stream events starting at 12:00 pm Pacific / 3:00 pm Eastern. On Sunday, October 9th you can tune in to hear Chris Roberts give a celebratory speech on the fourth anniversary of the KickStarter campaign for Star Citizen and get a look at what the team has been working on and what's yet ahead -- there may even be a few surprises along the way.

Alpha 2.5 - Grim HEX Released with New Trailer

Star Citizen has been updated to Alpha 2.5 "Grim HEX", an outlaw base where those who are on the more nefarious side of things can find like-minded individuals, buy weapons and items, etc. Grim HEX will affect reputation and those who choose to "live outside the law" will find this as their spawn point.

Around the  Verse - Gamescom Wrap-Up & Frankfurt Studio

The latest Star Citizen Around the Verse has been published that gives a wrap up from Gamescom as well as an inside look at the Frankfurt studio to explore how the Gamescom trailer was made.

Gamescom Live Presentation Shows Landing on a Planet & More

During Gamescom 2016, the Star Citizen took to the show floor to demonstrate what landing on a planet looks like in its forthcoming title. The Freelancer ship landed on a planet with the perspective of those inside it shown during the demo. From there, a single player heads to the spaceport of Levsky, waving at another player outside and multiplayer exploration. It's a breathtaking hour-long demonstration that should not be missed.

Play for Free this Weekend Using GAMESCOM2016 Promo Code

Star Citizen devs are on hand at this week's Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. During today's events, the team announced that Star Citizen will be free to play this weekend. Players can head to the official site and enter the promo code "GAMESCOM2016" to access the free game time.

Sandi Gardiner Stops Social Media Over Targeted Harrassment

Star Citizen VP of Marketing Sandi Gardiner is "taking a break from social media" over what she calls "ongoing online targeted harassment". No further information is given, but many in a Reddit thread of support for Ms Gardiner attribute the issue to a certain vitriolic element that has been loudly critical of Star Citizen, Chris Roberts, the game's development, and ostensible mismanagement of finances earned through KickStarter and later fundraising campaigns.

Fly Free for a Week in Latest Promotion

The latest Star Citizen Fly Free for a week is in effect. Prospective players can head to the game site to check out what's new since the last FF event including the first stages of the persistent world with items now tied to player accounts.

Glimpses Of The Persistent World In Alpha 2.4

The Star Citizen site has been updated with both a comprehensive blog post and updated patch notes for Alpha 2.4, which is now available for qualified players. The latest version of the game brings a significant number of improvements and features into the game, including the first iteration of persistence in the game world.

Latest Around the Verse Explores the Nexus System

The latest edition of the Star Citizen 'Around the Verse' series has been released. In this episode, the team speaks to Character Artist Cheyne Hessler, takes a look back at 2013's Galaxy Map Tests, spotlights a community videographer and takes a look at the upcoming Aegis Javelin Destroyer.

Learn More About the MISC Prospector in New Q&A

Star Citizen fans who are interested in learning more about the MISC Prospector, a mining vessel, will want to head to the official site to check out an internal Q&A. The MISC Prospector is sold in the shop for $140 and is considered ideal for those who want to be less-than conspicuous about their mining activities.

Not All Stretch Goals to Be Included at Release

In the latest 10 For the Chairmain, Star Citizen's Chris Roberts revealed that "some of the latest stretch goals" will not be included in the initial commercial release, something he called the "minimal viable product". The team will be including the missing stretch goal items and features into the game at a later point.