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Spirit Tales Articles

Level Cap Increased

Spirit Tales players have a new level cap increase to entice them to further explore new maps and instances that will arrive with the next update on December 4th. Players will finally get to explore the undersea kingdom along with two big new maps.

New Land & A New Level Cap

Spirit Tales devs may have been quiet over the past several months but not for lack of busy-ness. The team has announced that the latest update has been deployed which gives players a new zone to explore as well as an increased level cap.

Spirit Hare Tribe Incoming

Spirit Tales will be expanding on December 12th with the introduction of a brand new tribe: The Spirit Hare tribe. Generally a peace-loving monastic tribe, the Spirit Hares have been largely unknown until their way of life was compromised.

Upcoming Patch Features Level Cap Increase

On July 18th, Spirit Tales players will be able to progress to level 55 and will gain access to new instances, content, gear and more. The next update is scheduled to go live on Wednesday and gives high level players more flexibility with regard to their characters.

Pets Evolve & Family System Deployed

Spirit Tales has been updated with two new systems in place that players will want to check out. The first allows players to work with their pets and have them evolve over time. The second puts families first with up to five players being able to take part.

Our Official Spirit Tales Review

KoramGame recently released the anime MMO Spirit Tales. We've spent some time in the "cutest MMO" on the planet to find out if the game play measures up to the cuteness. See what we discovered and then leave us your thoughts.

New Update to Raise Level Cap, Adds Content

The Spirit Tales team has announced that the latest game update will add new features and a level cap increase to 50. Players will have new instanced dungeons to explore, monster training battlegrounds and new legendary items.

Monster Boss PvP Trailer

Spirit Tales players will be able to take part in a novel new PvP experience in the new Monster Boss mode. In MB mode, one player becomes a dungeon boss and four others try to take them down. The team released a new trailer to illustrate the point. Check it out!

New PvP Experience Coming June 6th

KoramGames has announced that a new PvP experience will be coming to Spirit Tales on June 6th. The new system will allow players to actually become a dungeon boss and to take on other players trying to defeat them. How's that for a twist?

First Content Update Coming May 23rd

KoramGame has announced that the first major content update to Spirit Tales will be released on May 23rd. The update will come a new instanced dungeon and new additions to the Item Mall.

Open Beta Trailer Released

KoramGame has released a brand new trailer to celebrate yesterday's commencement of the open beta for Spirit Tales. Enjoy!

Open Beta Kicks Off

The Spirit Tales team has announced that the open beta for the game has officially kicked off complete with never-before-seen features and content as well as contests and give aways.

Open Beta Events Detailed

The Spirit Tales team has announced a slate of events surrounding the game's open beta scheduled to begin on May 10th. By participating, players will have the opportunity to score some awesome in-game prizes.

Live Stream Fashion Show

The Spirit Tales team has announced that it will be hosting the first ever live fashion show for Spirit Tales on May 4 at 3 PM on Friday, May 4th. The event will feature the amazing costume collection the team has planned for the game. There will be special giveaways during the event as well.

New Video Shows Off Playable Characters

The Spirit Tales team has released a new trailer shining the spotlight on the six playable character types in the game. Check it out!