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Spirit Lords Overview

Spirit Lords is a free to play mobile action RPG from Kabam's RPG studio arm. The game aims to provide a deep RPG experience with real-time combat built directly for mobile platforms. Players can customize their characters from multiple options for race, class, and equipment. Engage in both the game's story, which will roll out over time in updates called Acts, as well as dungeon runs for up to four players at a time. The title Spirits will grant your characters a large number of possible ability combinations through relics from both the world of Arborlith and the Spirit Realm. Channeling and developing these abilities to suit your playstyle and challenges will be key to success.

  • Deeper RPG Experience on Mobile | Kabam's new RPS team has enlisted talent from franchises like Dragon Age and Star Wars to create a deeper, episodic, RPG experience on mobile that will be comparable to console or PC adventures.
  • Thousands of Combinations | Customization with the many Spirits in the game lead to abilities and affinities that can help players build their characters. Add in race, class, and equipment and there are many thousands of options to play with.
  • Real Time Action, Anyone? |Spirit Lords features a real-time action combat system. No turns here. Players can also fight through dungeon runs by teaming up with up to four total players, all, again, in real time.
Enjoyable, If Ultimately Unspectactular

Faster than you can say: “hey! Get those smudgy fingers off my screen”, we have another iOS action RPG teasing us all to smear-up our once pristine glass. Kabam’s Spirit Lords is a lot like all of those other games you’ve played - namely Torchlight and Diablo – but this time you can control affairs ala Tom Cruise in Minority Report; and that’s cool, right?