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SoulWorker Anime Legends Available Now on iOS and Android

Gameforge has announced that their Action MMO SoulWorker Anime Legends is now available on both iOS and Android. Here are the details.

SoulWorker: Anime Legends Hitting iOS and Android This Month

Gameforge has announced that their anime action MMORPG SoulWorker: Anime Legends is arriving on iOS and Android later this month.

Soulworker's Edwin Arclight's Class Advancement Arrives

Soulworker Online players looking forward to class advancement for Erwin Arclight will be able to check out what the new abilities brings to the table thanks to today's update. He now has access to an explosive rifle as a "secondary weapon with six new skills".

Lilly Bloommerchen Has Been Updated in Soulworker

"Mad gothic heiress" Lilly Boommerchen has received an update in the latest Soulworker patch and, according to devs, "she's about to have some fun!" She comes equipped with a Mist Scythe and she's always ready for slicing and dicing action. "She laughs in the face of danger and she's about to get a lot scarier" according to press information. She has gained six new skills and a new secondary weapon.

The Ultimate Challenge Arrives in Soulworker & the Opening of the Primal Raid

Soulworker players have a brand new challenge with today's opening of the Primal Raid that Gameforge calls the "game's toughest challenge so far". The opening of the raid brings new end-game content for high level players "looking for fame and glory" after completing a series of raid quests and defeating the Golden Citadel. The raid features a leviathan known as The Primal that will require a coordinated effort between teams of between four and eight in order to win.

Soulworker Expands With New Content

Ed Orr reports: If you were watching our coverage of Gamescom you might have caught my update on what's coming in 2018 for Soulworker. Now, Players are able to jump into the first of these new challenges with a brand-new expansion for the anime MMO.

Soulworker at Gamescom, What’s Coming in 2018?

Ever since it launched back in February 2018, Soulworker has been a staple of my own MMO roster. The fluid combat systems, the instanced dungeons, and let’s face it, the anime aesthetic made this way more than just another otaku cash grab. Now, Gameforge has unveiled the game’s biggest update. I had a whirlwind tour and hands-on preview of the latest addition to Lion Game’s MMORPG.

Gameforge Announces New Content Coming to SoulWorker

During last week's Gamescom, Gameforge announced a number of big things coming to SoulWorker including eight new dungeons and a new hub city complete with tons of new quests, new NPCs and more. In addition, players will enjoy a new level cap and the new character, Haru Estia will be joining up.

Latest Update Brings 'Fistfighter' Jin Seipatsu On Board

The latest SoulWorker update has been deployed by Gameforge. In this patch, players will be able to take on the role of Jin Seipatsu, a Fistfighter class where the body becomes a weapon. In addition, a brand new raid is included called the Golden Citadel.

Buying, Selling & Gifting Premium Items is Now a Thing

GameForge has updated the SoulWorker Online site with a brief notice that players can now start buying, selling or gifting in-game premium shop items on the Market. "Do you want to gift something to your SoulWorker friends or make a tidy profit from some clever trading?" the post asks. If so, you'll definitely want to check out the long list of things that can now be traded or sold.

Dimension Trip is a New Level 55 Operation

SoulWorker Online is ready to challenge its top level PvP players with a brand new operation called Dimension Trip. Four to eight Level 55 players will participate in a 10-minute free-for-all battle against other players and monsters. The event is available three times a day.

As Open Beta Ends, Live Retail Service Begins

Gameforge has announced that the SoulWorker open beta has ended and that live retail service is now in place. Those testers who took part in beta opportunities will find their accounts intact and a bundle of rewards by way of thanks when they log in. As a result of player feedback, both the Skill Tree Reset Ticket and hairstyles are less expensive and the EP system is under review. The team is also hard at work on a list of bugs and issues that will be resolved over time.

Otaku Attacks as SoulWorker Lands on Western Shores

Last month Gameforge finally brought Soulworker to western shores. After getting an early glimpse of the game back at Gamescom 2017, I’d been waiting almost a year for another taste of this colorful MMO. Now, with the equally animated Closers already unleashed on the masses, I logged into Soulworker to check out the competition.

Gameforge Reviewing Subscription VIP Energy Bonuses Amid P2P Allegations

SoulWorker Online is currently in "open beta", though the game's cash shop is online and selling both Silver and Gold VIP memberships. While mostly packed with typical VIP type goods (respawner, bonus keycards, etc.), they also feature extra energy, the resource needed to complete in-game activities. Silver adds 80 energy to the base 200, while Gold adds 120. If that's not enough, players can combine Silver and Gold packages and get a whopping 200 extra energy per day, double the baseline.

We Finally Got to Play the SoulWorker Open Beta!

Soulworker officially made it to western shores earlier this week. Originally developed by Lion Games and already a well-established commodity in eastern markets, Gameforge’s anime-inspired MMO surprised us all by going into open beta on Monday. This news comes hot on the heels of En Masse Entertainment’s Closers. So after investing time on kitting out Yuri did I really need a new waifu?