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    Action MMO
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    Digital Extremes
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Soulframe Overview

Soulframe is an upcoming Action MMORPG from Digital extremes (Warframe), announced during TennoCon 2022. Soulframe will feature slower-paced combat more akin to Elden Ring or Ghost of Tsushima as opposed to Warframe's fast-paced and high-octane space ninja combat. No release date has been shared.

Washed ashore on the northern isle of Midrath,
A new adventure begins.

Omen beasts in Ode’n chain bellow in mourning.
The voicing trees sag ‘long tortured streams.
The worldflesh of Alca splits with rage.

Who will find the Silvern Seas and awaken our Ancestors?
Who will learn the melodies of soul unbinding,
And break the gaunting spellsong?
Who will hold in their heart the wanderers,
the wild, the world?

You will, Envoy.


  • Take on the role of an Envoy, and travel between the Physical and Soul worlds
  • Converse with Ancestors you've discovered
  • Focus on three Virtues to help dictate your role: Courage, Grace, and Spirit
  • Work together in Co-Op or Solo to explore the island, tackle enemies, and solve puzzles
  • Utilize Swordplay and Magic to decimate your enemies
  • Summon Animal Familiars to aide you in your journey, such as a hulking wolf to ride as a mount
TennoCon 2023: Soulframe's 30-Minute Gameplay Demo Showcases Its Haunting And Achingly Beautiful World

Announced at last year's TennoCon, Digital Extremes' next game, Soulframe, saw a nearly 30-minute demo at TennoCon 2023. The upcoming RPG showcases its hauntingly beautiful world.