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SOS Articles

Outpost Games Invites You to Star in Your Own Reality Show in 30-Minute Chunks

Outpost Games has announced that its new multiplayer survival game, SOS, is now out on Steam Early Access. You can purchase one of three Founder's Packages on the SOS site. The Ultimate pack is $30; the Supremely Ultimate pack is $60 and the Ultimate Ultimate pack is $100. Each comes with a number of in-game items including costumes, emotes and more.

SOS: The Ultimate Escape Mixes Battle Royale with Reality TV

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds blew up gaming this year with its take on the nascent Battle Royale genre. We’ve already seen a couple of developers throw their hats into the ring, but Outpost Games’ SOS: The Ultimate Escape is one of the more interesting takes on the genre we’ve seen so far.