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God Reveal - Bellona, Goddess of War

Subscribe to SMITE on YouTube to unlock Nu Wa, and the YouTube subscriber-exclusive Water Dancer skin, for FREE!

'Battleground of the Gods' Cinematic Trailer

Welcome to SMITE, the online Battleground of the Gods. Play free at www.SmiteGame.com and seize victory in intense battles of strategic action, each fueled by over 10,000 years of mythology. Combining the deep strategy of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games with the intense action of First Person Shooter (FPS) games, Hi-Rez Studios delivers a unique gaming experience unlike any other. SMITE is currently available on PC and coming soon to Xbox One.

God Reveal - Ao Kuang, Dragon King of the Eastern Seas

SMITE is a FREE-TO-PLAY online battleground between gods.

God Reveal - Nox, Goddess of Night

SMITE is a FREE-TO-PLAY online battleground between gods. SMITE is a third-person action MOBA. Instead of having a traditional isometric view (RTS), you are IN THE ACTION with a tight third-person camera. Move with WASD and mouse instead of clicking on a map. Enjoy detailed graphics and visual effects. Experience ACTION combat, dodging, and aiming with almost all attacks being skill-shot. SMITE is Free-to-Play but not pay-to-win.

God Reveal - Sylvanus, Keeper of the Wild

This SMITE video covers: Sylvanus, Keeper of the Wild.

Minion Has Spawned - "The Great XBOX Caper" (Episode 8)

Todd, Adam, and Bart are headed to Gamescom to announce the next big thing: SMITE on XBOX! But, they happened to forget one big thing: SMITE on XBOX! Will Terry be able to upload the file before Gamescom, or will Kickstarted crooks cancel the company's conference? Find out on Minion Has Spawned Ep8, "The Great XBOX Caper"! Thanks to Agent Whiskers and Rafael Laurenti Pimenta for the music in this episode!

Battleground of the Gods

Today marks the official release of Hi-Rez Studios' SMITE. To celebrate the momentous occasion, the team has released an amazing cinematic look at the Battle of the Gods. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Nemesis, Goddess of Revenge

Hi Rez Studios has a new goddess in the pantheon with the arrival of Nemesis, Goddess of Revenge. Nemesis is a physical melee warrior whose skills can bring down an opponent in a heartbeat. Check out Nemesis and her impressive array of skills in this new video and let us know what you think!

Geb, God of Earth Revealed

Hi Rez Studios has unleashed the latest SMITE god into the game's pantheon. This time, the Egyptian God of the Earth, Geb, has entered the game. The video gives insight into Geb's history and his in-game abilities, including Roll Out, when he travels in a ball damaging all in his path. Check out the video to find out more about Geb and how to get hold of him in SMITE.

Ah Muzen Cab, God of Bees

The newest SMITE god, Ah-Muzen-Cab, the Mayan God of Bees, has flown into the game. He is a hunter that "stings" his opponents and can send throws honey down to slow opponents and attracts swarms of bees to apply damage. Check out the video for more!