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SMITE - 5.24 Update Highlights - Wielder of Excalibur

On Tuesday, January 8th, SMITE players on PC will be able to check out the game's latest hero, none other than the Wielder of Excalibur, King Arthur himself. To showcase what Arthur brings to the game, Titan Forge Games / Hi Rez Studios has released a gameplay trailer. The patch notes for tomorrow's update are also available on the SMITE site.

SMITE Coming to Nintendo Switch in January 2019

Hi-Rez Studios has announced that SMITE is coming to Nintendo Switch in January 2019. The game will feature 60 FPS gameplay and full cross-play between Switch, XBox One, PC, Mac and the Steam version. It remains unknown whether or not there will be PS4 cross-play. Players will also have access to their account across all platforms to keep progression unified.

SMITE - God Reveal - Hera, Queen of the Gods.

A new goddess is heading to SMITE, no less than the Greek Queen of the Gods, Hera. Hi-Rez Studios has sent out its signature reveal video to not only provide a peek at her abilities, but also some background from mythology of old.

God Reveal - Pele, Goddess of Volcanoes

SMITE 5.14 has been deployed along with a brand new goddess joining the pantheon: Pele, Goddess of Volcanoes. The Polynesian Pantheon begins with Pele who, as expected, brings a fiery form of combat with abilities such as Everlasting Flame, Pyroclast and Eruption. The video also provides her origin story and a look at her in combat.

 Medusa's Deathmatch Introduces 3v3v3

If you're ready for some chaotic gameplay, you'll definitely want to check out SMITE's latest update that brings Medusa's Deathmatch into the game with its 3v3v3 action. You and your team will try to win three rounds by eliminating the enemy to be the last one's standing. Teams will have to deal with one another AND a deadly sandstorm as it rages.

Season 5 Update Brings Visual Updates & More Immersive Play

Hi-Rez Studios has announced that SMITE has been updated for Season 5 that brings a number of visual improvements to the game. In addition, several game play improvements have been made to bring "more choices and immersing them in an epic visual experience."

Cerberus Reveal Trailer is a Must-Watch Before Heading Into Game

Hi-Rez Studios introduced the next god coming to SMITE during last week's event. As they say, three heads are better than one and Cerberus is living proof. In this new video, Cerberus's video lore and abilities are explored.

God Teaser - Cerberus, Warden of the Underworld

If you've got a thing for three-headed dogs, you'll be thrilled to hear that the next god coming to SMITE is none other than Cerberus, Warden of the Underworld. The announcement was made as part of today's opening ceremonies of the annual Hi-Rez Expo. This is a brief peek, but you can expect to see more soon. We do know, however, that Cerberus will be arriving in game as part of the v4.25 patch.

Shadows Over Hercopolis is the New 'Adventure RPG'

You think SMITE is "just" a MOBA, don't you? Well, on Monday, think again when the Shadows of Hercopolis adventure RPG launches for PC. In this new cooperative team-based RPG-mode, players will find out that Loki has kidnapped King Hercules. The journey ultimately takes you to the frozen north to fight legendary monsters and to even confront Loki himself.

Trials of King Hercules - TheHiveLeader

SMITE has gone MMO(ish)! In their newest Adventure, Trials of King Hercules, three players will co-op their way through NPC bosses because good ol' Herc told you to. It's up to TheHiveLeader to now make his way through these trials and hopefully live in the process.