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Skyforge Articles

Closed Beta First Impressions

Skyforge, part of a joint development initiative between Allods Team and Obsidian with My.com as the publisher, recently hit closed beta status. Expected to launch just a little bit later this year, the F2P MMORPG is one we’ve been following for a while. We’ve been dabbling in the beta, and these are our initial thoughts.

Obsidian's PVP Plans Revealed

Recently, we were privy to a developer Q&A with Eric Demilt, Director of Development at Obsidian on the upcoming MMORPG Skyforge. Obsidian is developing the game in cooperation with Allods Team, and though we’ve slowly been learning about some of the many classes in the game lately, Obsidian and Allods decided that the time was right to pull back the curtain on the title’s PVP modes. Read on for the full details.

Everything About It Is Beautiful

I’d been seeing images of Skyforge for some time before Gamescom. Everything about the game is beautiful. It’s a Science Fiction-Fantasy MMORPG from the makers of Allods Online. Combat is all geared towards action and somewhat reminiscent of console games in that there are combos to learn for various attacks. I was never good at learning combos in my old school Street Fighter days and if my demo at Gamescom taught me anything it is that nothing has changed.

Hands On At E3 2014

This time around, the Allods Team studio has enlisted the help of veteran RPG developer Obsidian Entertainment to bring Skyforge to Western Audiences. This week at E3, we were able to go hands-on with the alpha build of the new MMORPG, and get a feel for the combat and Ascension Atlas: the progression tree for Skyforge’s characters.

Eyes on the New MMORPG at GDC

This week at GDC a new MMO made quite a statement to join our ranks. Skyforge will take your character on a journey from mortality to immortality as you ascend slowly into godhood. This MMO has a lot of interesting new features and we will begin to highlight a few here. The team who made Allods Online has joined with Obsidian Entertainment to create Skyforge which will run as a free to play MMO with a huge world and a strong action combat play style that changes with each class you choose.