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Aelion's Call Update Goes Live

The Skyforge team has released a new post on the game's official site to let players know that the Aelion's Call update is now live. This patch brings new additions and improvements to the game, a catch-up mechanic for Prestige, a new raid, chat updates and more.

Battle History Revisions Coming with Aelion's Call Update

The Skyforge site has a new developer blog post that lays out the details of the Battle History revision that will be coming along with the Aelion's Call update. All players in a Pantheon with at least level two can access Battle History which gives statistical information about group damage, damaged received, enemies, length of battle and more.

New Raid, Prestige Catchup & More to Come in Sep. 16 Update

The Skyforge site has been updated with a new post to preview next week's update called "Aelion's Call". Included in the forthcoming patch will be a mechanic for new players to 'catch up' to their friends with higher Prestige. In addition, a new raid will be added and several major bug fixes are included alongside class balancing.

Hostile Territories Trailer

Hidden far beyond the common man's reach, one can find the once forgotten Tessa Temple. It is here that inspiring Immortals and Gods find ancient portals leading to some of Aelion’s abandoned regions, now classified as Hostile Territories. Immense power awaits here, drawing hordes of Invading armies to the numerous Ether Resonators located across the lands massive expanse. Each portal leads to a new Region, each Region holds stronger enemies, and every enemy faced becomes more powerful the de

First Alien Invasion Coming Friday, August 28th

The Skyforge team has announced that Phytonides will be leading an alien invasion on Friday, August 28th. It is the first time aliens have landed in game and players will be challenged by Phytonides' plantlike lifeforms.

Running with the Gods in Crucible

With Skyforge firmly in retail release and the first major update, Crucible of the Gods, already deployed, we reached out to Obsidian and My.com to talk more about Crucible, what it brings to the game, the part feedback played in some of the design decisions and much more.

Crucible of the Gods Update Goes Live

Skyforge players looking to explore their more godlike powers will want to check out the latest update, Crucible of the Gods. Player's Divine Forms will allow for high-end game play in a number of areas: Invasions, raids, distortions and anomalies. Check out the patch trailer below before heading over to the Skyforge site to read up on more of the Crucible of the Gods details.

Crucible of the Gods Patch Notes are Live

In anticipation of August 11th's big patch, Skyforge has released the epically long patch notes for Crucible of the Gods, the first major update for the newly released MMORPG.

Plenty of Sparks, But No Flame

I want to play Skyforge. But when I play it, and I immediately regret my decision. It’s at once both a fun game and a frustrating mess, and I can’t stress enough that everyone try it for themselves. For some of you in trying Skyforge, you’ve found a new go-to game. For others, you’ve learned precisely what you do not want from this genre. Me? I’ve learned that I want some of what Skyforge does, while loathing other aspects.

Prestige Scaling Detailed

The Skyforge site has been updated with a new preview post for the Crucible of the Gods update that is scheduled to go live later this month. of particular note is the topic of "prestige scaling" that will allow players to work together to earn prestige. Groups will scale down to the lowest prestige group member and awards all players appropriate rewards for prestige.

Crucible of the Gods Update Coming August 11th

Obsidian Entertainment and My.com have announced that a big update is headed into Skyforge on August 11th. Called "Crucible of the Gods", the update will feature tongs of feature improvements, bug fixes and the addition of the divine form that allows players to access high-end content including invasions and raids.

What Class in Skyforge Should You Play?

With Skyforge being the hot new game on the block right now, it makes sense that so many of us are playing Allods and Obsidian's latest. But there are an awful lot of classes in the game, and some take a lot of work to unlock. So why not let us help you decide which class to work towards with this week's quiz?

Review in Progress - My Ascension Slows

My epic ascension to god-hood slowed down this week. The reason was twofold. On one hand, I had to review Kyn (a fun little Indie RPG), but on the other hand I was actually very glad to take a break from Skyforge. After putting in over 40 hours since Open Beta Head Start, the repetitive nature of Skyforge’s content is starting to get to me.

Party & Pantheon Features Coming in First Major Update

The Skyforge site has been updated with the news that the first major content patch since the commencement of open beta testing earlier this month will be deployed soon. Of most notable interest to players will be the arrival of group play among allies and Pantheon members.

Server Upgrades to be Implemented to Fight NA Server Issues

The Skyforge team has posted a brief note to let North American players know that they are aware of server load issues, queues, drop outs, and "significant lag". To fight these problematic issues, server maintenance has already been completed and new upgrades will be deployed over the next several days.