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Skyforge Articles

Reapers' Revenge Update Delayed Until April 26th

The Skyforge team has posted notification that the Reapers' Revenge update will be moving from April 20th to April 26th. According to the notice, the delay is "required for some interesting developments" that developers will be discussing in more detail next week.

Four New Vectors Coming in Reapers' Revenge

The Skyforge team is giving players another sneak peek into the contents of the Reapers' Revenge update with today's article about new vectors. Vectors will enhance any one of several statistics (strength, luck, valor and spirit) as well as provide an increase to Prestige and Stamina.

Mount Upgrades Coming in Reaper's Revenge

Skyforge players will be able to upgrade their mounts in the next big update to the game coming on April 20th. In Reaper's Revenge, players will be able to both develop capabilities of pets or "strengthen" the internal workings of mechanized mounts. With upgrades, mounts will be stronger, more durable, and be able to travel much greater distances than before.

Interface Improvements & More Coming April 20th

The Skyforge team is letting players know that the next update, Reapers' Revenge, is coming on April 20th and it is packed with new content and some welcome improvements to the Adventure Search Interface.

Alchemist Class Scores Its Own Trailer

While not new to Skyforge, the Alchemist class has never had a starring role in a trailer. My.com has corrected that oversight with today's release of the brand new Alchemist video. Check it out and then head to the Skyforge site to learn more about the class.

Reapers of Death Invasion Now Live

Skyforge players with access to their Divine Forms are invited to check out the Reapers of Death invasion that is now live in game. Players can send out pair of Adepts on two special missions that kick off every eight hours, one rewarding Gifts and Faith Points, the other Victor's Medals which allow the purchase of special items in the Invasion section of the marketplace.

Dark Omen Update to Hit Live Service Today

Skyforge players will have much to explore with today's arrival of the Dark Omen update. Quality of life improvements have been put into place to streamline Pantheon activities including the new Pantheon Fusion Tool that allows groups to merge into single units.

Dark Omen Update Coming March 16th

The Skyforge team has announced that the next major game update will be released on Wednesday, March 16th. Called "Dark Omen", the update brings a number of new and improved features into the game. Players can look forward to a newly overhauled operation system; a new elder god questline; a Pantheon fusion tool; and new invasion symbols.

New Class Trailer Shines Spotlight on Knights

The Skyforge team has sent out a brand new trailer that shines the spotlight on the Knight class, a subsidiary of the Tank classes. Wielders of swords and boards, Knights stand between foes and other party members by utilizing defensive skills. Check it out!

March of Knowledge Update to Arrive February 10th

The Skyforge site has been updated with the news that the first significant update for 2016 will be released on February 10th. Called "March of Knowledge", the update will feature changes to the UI, classes, Invasions and other quality of life improvements. In addition, the exterminators have swept through the game taking out troublesome bugs.

New Slayer and Berserker Packages Revealed

The Skyforge site has sent out a new trailer to show off new package bundles for two popular classes in any one of three special packs. The Berserker brings endless fury to the battlefield while the Slayer stalks through the shadows. In these new specially priced bundles, each class comes with unique costumes, headgear, Argents and more.

Gift Key Giveaway!

MMORPG.com has been given special gift keys for Skyforge, the sci-fi action MMORPG from My.com. These keys will give you 7 days premium, 10,000 threads, 10,000 credits and 7 days of Gravicycle usage! Get your key now while they last!

Usuni Valley Trailer

Discover a new region full of promise and peril: Usuni Valley! Dozens of quests, brand new rewards and locations for all immortals of high prestige await those who seek to put an end to the chaos that has overtaken this land!

Winter Celebration Trailer

Asterius seeks to continue the long-forgotten tradition’s that once celebrated Aeli beginning his ascent to becoming a Great God. Join in the festivities, take in the decorations, and earn all the unique rewards that come with it!

Pantheons Wars Trailer

War's Onset officially kicks off the qualification period for Pantheons, allowing them to secure their ranking in the upcoming tournament! The tournament will offer real world prizes in the form of a 15,000 dollars starting pool split between both the EU & NA Servers. As the tournament goes on, the prize pool will continue to grow as more of the special tournament packs are sold!