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Skyforge Articles

Ascension Expansion to Launch October 19th

Skyforge players will be pleased to hear that the Ascension expansion will officially launch on October 19th. Pre-patching of the Skyforge client will start on October 5th.

New Trailer Reveals End Game Raid Lore

My.com has sent out a new trailer to tease out a Skyforge end game raid coming with the Ascension expansion set for release soon. Players will take on the avatar of the Oceanids, Tol-Monter. Check it out!

Golem Battle PvP Mode Released

Skyforge players wanting to take part in a new MOBA-styled PvP mode will definitely want to check out the Golem Battle mode just introduced into the game. On this dedicated map, there are two buildings with teams of five attempting to both protect their own "Repeater" and to destroy the enemy team's.

Campaign Trailer

Developer Allods Team and global publisher My.com are proud to reveal more details about Ascension, a massive expansion for Skyforge. The brand new campaign map is an interactive map of Aelion and the interface that will be the key location for character development! All the current systems in the game for progression and development of characters (symbols, ascension atlas, divine specializations) will be represented on the Campaign map. Here players will be able to unlock new classes, explore n

Ascension Expansion Nearly Remakes the Game

My.com recently announced a new expansion for Skyforge called Ascension -- essentially a game-changer for everyone with big impactful changes coming with it. We had the opportunity to learn more from My.com Creative Director Alexander Pan'kov.

Ascension Expansion Announced, New Features, Revised Systems

The Skyforge team has been analyzing player data and soliciting feedback for the past year. With today's announcement of the Ascension expansion, much of that feedback and analysis is being put into practice. Existing systems have been reworked and new features will be added with Ascension.

Divine Specializations Trailer

Developer Allods Team and global publisher My.com highlight the Divine Specializations achievable by players of Skyforge!

Battle of Equals PvP Tournament Begins

Skyforge has been updated with the Battle of Equals content patch that brings a new PvP tournament on board. Over the next several weeks, players will be duking it out in "normalized" 3v3 matches putting players on equal footing during the fight.

Battle of Equals Trailer

The release of Battle of Equals officially kicks off the start of the titular Battle of Equals PvP Tournament – An equalized 3v3 contest that pits players of all prestige levels against each other in a competition based purely off of personal skill!

First Anniversary Event from July 13th to July 27th

Skyforge is turning one year old and developers are pulling out all the stops to give players a fun event to help celebrate. From July 13th to July 27th, players can take part in activities, grab some gifts and much more.

Battle of Equals Arriving on July 20th + First Anniversary

Skyforge will get getting its next update of significance on July 20th when the Battle of Equals is released. In addition, the development team will be providing lots of fun activities to celebrate the game's first anniversary late in July.

Battle Akonita in the Latest Update

Players will face off against Akonita and her empire in the newest update for Skyforge.

Class Rebalancing to Begin in Cybernetic Alliance

The Skyforge development team is providing players with a sampling of how "under-represented" classes will be seeing significant increases to damage output or by realignment of skills to provide a different game play experience. These changes will be incoming with the arrival of the Cybernetic Alliance update. The process of rebalancing classes is, as the devs write, an ongoing process that requires data collection and testing prior to making its way into the game.

Cybernetic Alliance Descending on June 1st

The next big update for Skyforge will be landing in game on June 1st. Called 'Cybernetic Alliance', content includes new companions, a new boss battle against the Avatar of the Akonita, the overhauled equipment refinement system, class balance changes, and the second phase of the D-Series Distortions.

Days of Glory Celebrates a Recent Decisive Victory

My.com and the Allods team are rewarding dedicated Skyforge players for their recent decisive victories against invaders bent on destruction. Beginning today, the Days of Glory event will kick off that sends players on an epic storyline with end rewards given based on choices made throughout the journey. The event will run through May 25th.