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Skyforge Articles

Skyforge PS4 Revenant Class Sweepstakes!

MMORPG.com has been given 100 keys for Skyforge on PS4 that will give players the all new Revenant class in the game. The Revenant – a mighty warlord, appropriately adorned with impressive armor and wielding a ghastly two-handed axe – siphons the life from its enemies using vile shadow magics, assuming it hasn’t simply butchered opponents into a gory mess first. Enter for a chance to win a key now!

The Revanants Have Arrived in Latest Update

For Skyforge players who've been looking for new challenges and gameplay opportunities, today's a big day. The Revenant class has arrived, a brutal combatant that isn't afraid to wade into the midst of combat to take out all enemies. Revenants use 2-handed axes and have the ability to "siphone the life right out of their victims" as well as the ability to fight multiple opponents simultaneously.

Revenant Class Coming with an Axe to Grind on September 19th

On September 19th, Skyforge players will gain access to the game's fifteenth class in the form of the Revenant. This character's lore includes that it was an "ancient, mighty axe-wielding warlord". According to information received, Revenants use shadow magic to literally siphon life from opponents.

Second Anniversary Fete Kicks Off

It's hard to believe, but Skyforge is celebrating its second anniversary. The party is complete with a themed anniversary trivia event and packed with daily log in rewards as well as a number of items for sale in the game's shop.

Mechanoid War Launches for PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 Skyforge users can now take part in the Mechanoid War thanks to today's launch. Players will gain access to a new Divine Form appearance, new invasion zones for big challenges, a 10-player raid and generation 2 equipment rewards for defeating it.

Return of the Serpent Queen Update Now Live

Skyforge has been updated with the Return of the Serpent Queen that bring in a number of big changes including changes to the Prestige system, updates to the interface, class balancing, PvP updates and much, much more.

Mechanoid War Content Expansion Hitting PS4 on June 27

My.com has sent word that the PlayStation 4 version of Skyforge will be getting the Mechanoid War content expansion on June 27th. Players will pit themselves against The Mechanoid Legion in order to defend the home planet from invasion.

Character Profiles Help Players Know Enemies & Allies

The Skyforge blog has been updated with a post to provide the first details about Character Profiles. According to the post, all that is required it to target a player with the camera, click on the Social Panel and all will be revealed including equipment, symbols, and adepts.

The Risen Exiles Expansion Launches on PS4

PlayStation 4 Skyforge players can now take part in a new expansion with the arrival of The Risen Exiles. New content for console players includes three new playable classes: Necromancer, Witch and Monk. There is also new end-game content, new 10v10 PvP battlegrounds and new dungeons.

The Risen Exiles Expansion to Launch for PS4 on May 16th

The Allods Team and My.com have announced that the PlayStation 4 version of Skyforge will be getting its first expansion on May 16th. The Risen Exiles brings new classes, zones and features into the game.

Days of Glory Event to Run Through May 24th

Skyforge players can take part in the Days of Glory event from today through May 24th. The event comes in honor of the defeat of the Mechanoids at the Battle of Aelinar. Players will be able to take part in a number of activities to earn a special currency called "Ether Trace" that enables the purchase of celebratory items.

PlayStation 4 Version is Button-Mashing Bliss

One thing that’s always bugged me about MMOs is that death is rarely final, with resurrection a button press away. Skyforge, the sci-fi fantasy from Allods, has an explanation for it: your character is immortal. Unfortunately, the life of a proto-god isn’t easy, especially when you must cultivate a flock of faithful believers to fuel your growing power.

New Moon Order Trailer Heralds the Start of the Event

Skyforge players are taking to space and heading to Aelion's moon during the New Moon Order event. While on the moon, players will be faced with a new obstacle: Low gravity. If that's not enough, there are deadly meteor showers.

PlayStation 4 Launch Day Arrives with New Trailer

My.com has announced that Skyforge for PlayStation 4 has now launched. To celebrate the big event, a brand new trailer has been released to set the stage for console MMO players just coming into the fold.

PS4 Early Access Pack Giveaway

We've got 25 Skyforge Early Access packs to give away. These include ten Early Adopter packs, ten Extended packs, and five Ultimate packs.