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Skyforge Articles

Skyforge's Roadmap for Q4 Includes Interstellar Travel & New Enemies

The Skyforge team has posted its Q4 roadmap that provides players with a peek at what's in the pipeline for the balance of 2018. Let's just say that's it's definitely "out of this world"! A two-part update will be deployed to the game that will allow players to participate in interstellar travel "by means of space time wormholes". Along the way, a new planet that is environmentally favorable to player races will be discovered, but with plenty to keep them occupied.

Standalone Battle Royale Mode Arrives in Skyforge

Skyforge has been updated to bring the standalone Battle Royale mode into the game. Battle Royale is a separate game mode and players are not required to have characters in the main Skyforge game. Simply launch Skyforge and choose Battle Royale to be sent to the new game mode and to choose a premade character to duke it out with other former gods to become the last one standing.

My.com Details Skyforge's Upcoming Battle Royale Gameplay

The Skyforge site has been updated with a lengthy article to reveal how battle royale will play out in the new game mode coming soon. As expected, the ultimate goal of the Skyforge Battle Royale mode is to be the last player standing, but there are a number of ways any player can increase their chances of being "the one".

My.com Details the Skyforge Battle Royale Mode

In a new FAQ on the Skyforge site, My.com lays out the details for the upcoming Battle Royale mode. One of the first questions answered is "Why battle royale?" The answer is a simple one: Battle royale is very popular in gaming these days and devs wanted to include a mini-game for others to enjoy within Skyforge. "It's simple, exciting, and offers a unique experience" they wrote.

My.com Announces Battle Royale Mode Coming

My.com has announced that it is bringing a battle royale mode to Skyforge, combining sci-fi and fantasy into the "last player standing" gameplay feature. "Out of all the participants that start the match, only one can stand victorious in this divine test and win the ultimate favor of the gods" reads the press announcement. The new Battle Royale Mode can be started directly from the launch screen and no characters or progress in the MMO is required.

Gods at War Update Now Live with Big Changes to PvP

Skyforge has been updated with the Gods of War patch that brings significant changes to PvP. The goal, according to a recent developer blog, is to "improve the rewards as well as finding a complex solution to the current PvP issues in Skyforge". Starting today, players can find out how well those issues have been addressed.

Dev Talk - PVP Remastered

The Skyforge site has been updated with both a blog post and a video developer diary to reveal a large update coming to PvP in the near future. Players can look for significant changes to scaling, rewards and ratings each designed to "make battles between players more interesting".

Overgrowth Update Brings the Playable Grovewalker Class Into the Game

Skyforge has been updated with Overgrowth, a new content expansion that brings the playable Grovewalker class into the game. In addition, players can check out the new Challenge System and new difficulties including "Warm-Up, Challenge and Nightmare".

Overgrowth Expansion to Take Root on April 11th for PC

Starting on April 11th, PC Skyforge players will be able to start rooting around in the Overgrowth expansion. Console players will be able to get their hands dirty starting on April 12th. The expansion brings the Grovewalker class to the game, a class that are "highly proficient mages that sling wild nature magic at foes from afar". Those who want to wade in tank-style can do so after summoning their living armor.

Have a Say with the Dev Team By Joining the Elder Guardians

My.com is looking for Skyforge player volunteers to work with the community and with the My.com staff "to discuss issues, moderate forums, collect feedback and make suggestions for the present and future of Skyforge".

Valentine's Boost Challenge Revealed

From now through February 12th, Skyforge players are charged with defending Thais, the Goddess of Love. Her temple has been inundated with Oceanids and she needs your help to get things cleaned up. During the event, both the EU and NA player communities are tasked with defending the Temple 800 times. Successful completion of the defense of Thais will yield everyone a special boon and a bonus.

Latest Producer's Letter Takes a Peek Back in Time

The Skyforge site has been updated with a brand new Producer's Letter that takes a peek back in time at all the things that happened to the game over the course of 2017. Topics include the recent PlayStation 4 release, the XBox One release, as well as feature updates to the Equipment System and interface improvements. In addition, the release of the Revenant and the New Moon Order.

Demonic Dawn Expansion Released for PlayStation 4

My.com has sent word that the Demonic Dawn expansion has arrived in Skyforge for PlayStation 4 players. New content includes Nihaz, leader of a demonic invasion packed with creatures that can manipulate and change reality. They seek to "infect" and erode Aelion itself.

Aelion Descends on XBox One

For those with a celestial bent and an XBox One, today's a big day. My.com and the Allods Team have announced that Skyforge has arrived for XBox One. Players can choose from one of three classes before jumping into the fray. Available classes are Cryomancer, Lightbinder or Paladin.

The Evil Pumpkin Festival Descends

Skyforge players can now enjoy the annual Evil Pumpkin Festival that begins today and runs through November 8th. There are a number of activities and quests to take part in as well as a themed-currency that can be traded for items on the market.