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Skyforge Articles

Skyforge is Available on GeForce Now, Starting Today

MY.GAMES has now opted in to allow Skyforge to run on the GeForce Now cloud gaming platform. Skyforge will now be available wherever GeForce Now can stream, which includes all manner of PC's Mac, Shield TV and Android devices.

Skyforge Headed to Nintendo Switch This Fall

Nintendo Switch gamers won't have to wait much longer for Skyforge to be playable on their favorite console. The free to play title will bring its vast content, and optional invasion pass along with it, though no specific release data has yet to be given.

You Can Design a New Demon for Skyforge

You can design a demon in Skyforge, but it won't be added to the game apparently.

Shadows of the Past Event Live in Skyforge

The Shadows of the Past event is live now in Skyforge.

Skyforge 'Boatload of Trouble' Event Winners Announced

The winners of Skyforge's "Boatload of Trouble" event have been announced.

Skyforge Fifth Anniversary Expansion is Out Now

The free Fifth Anniversary expansion for Skyforge is available now.

Skyforge Temporarily Disables Battle Royale, But Will Not Outright Remove It

Battle royale in Skyforge has been temporarily disabled, but won't be outright removed.

Aelion Day Event Live in Skyforge Till April 15

Aelion Day is live now in Skyforge until April 15. Here are the details.

Invasion Atlas and Updated Nightmare Difficulty Discussed for Skyforge

Skyforge shared details earlier on the Invasion Atlas and the updated Nightmare difficulty. Here's what's in store.

Free 30-Days of Skyforge Announced as Fifth Anniversary Expansion Delayed Due to Coronavirus

The Fifth Anniversary edition of Skyforge is delayed till April 8 for PC and April 9 for PS4 and Xbox One. But, the team has a plan.

Skyforge Dust of the Past Event Live Now Till March 31

The Dust of the Past event is now live in Skyforge. Here’s what you need to know.

Hop in Skyforge St. Patrick's Day Event Before It Ends

You can still check out the St. Patrick’s Day event in Skyforge before it ends on March 18.

Skyforge Celebrates 5th Anniversary With Free Expansion

Skyforge announced a celebration of its fifth anniversary with a new expansion.

Skyforge Winter Celebration Event Live Now

All of the winter events are happening right about now, with Skyforge the latest game to receive one.

Skyforge Expansion 'Rock and Metal' Coming December 17

Skyforge announced its next expansion, titled "Rock and Metal" and it's coming later this month. Skyforge: Rock and Metal will e hitting on December 17th, bringing with it a brand-new adventure, new Elder God form and more.