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Skyforge Overview

Skyforge is an MMORPG where players develop from newly christened immortals into full-on gods among men. They will gain mortal followers and powers along the way. Empowered by the faith and skill of their followers, they'll battle invading armies in intense action combat to protect their homeworld. With over a dozen classes to unlock, Pantheon PVP to participate in, and a mystery of Aelion to unravel, there's plenty to do in this new F2P MMORPG.

The Nintendo Switch version of Skyforge is planned for release on February 4, 2021.


  • 18 Unique Classes | There's something for everyone from the Paladin to the Necromancer, and even the Alchemist and Monk. Unlock these classes and seamlessly switch between them for whatever fits your playstyle!
  • Repel The Invaders | Once a world of magic, science and hope, life on Aelion is now at the mercy of creatures from the deepest trenches, reapers from the pits of fire, and lifeless machines from the coldest wastelands. However, hop yet remains in the Immortals. Defend the planet from the invaders using powerful magical skills and abilities, weird and wonderful weaponry, and master the Divine Forms to unlock incredible God abilities to unleash upon the invading armies!
  • Deep Character Progression | You'll play one character in Skyforge, because that character can be anything he or she wants. The Ascension Atlas allows you to grow and switch classes at will.
  • Pantheon Wars | Join a Pantheon and fight against other armies of gods in a never-ending war for the future of Aelion.
  • Explore A New Universe | An adventure without limits awaits. Together with players from around the world, explore over 100 unique locations, from massive open areas, to Aelion's darkest dungeons, and an interstellar journey to a mysterious new planet: Terra. Players can enjoy brand-new content with regular updates, and immerse themselves in the constantly evolving universe of Skyforge!