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Sky: Children of the Light Overview

Sky: Children of the Light is an open-world social indie adventure game developed and published by thatgamecompany. From the creators of Journey, comes a peaceful and cozy MMO to warm your hearts. Experience the best of humanity and meaningfully connect with others. Soar above the clouds, play instruments, or just relax and enjoy the beauty around you. All are welcome, especially you!

Welcome to Sky: an enchanting, beautifully animated world waiting to be explored by you and your loved ones. Here, lost Ancestor spirits will guide you through a peaceful Kingdom and all its seven realms. Your mission is to return them to the stars; to do so, you will need compassion, courage, and a sense of wonder.

Team up with players from around the world to uncover the secrets of Sky in this peaceful open-world MMORPG. Adventure into darker realms, bring light to your Ancestors, and uncover ancient treasures. The realms of Sky are ever-expanding with fresh features, areas, items, and seasonal events. Meet new friends on an adventure that never ends!

In Sky, you’ll play as a Child of Light, spreading hope through a desolate kingdom and guiding Ancestor spirits back to their homes in the constellations.


  • Social Adventure Game
    Explore seven dreamlike realms and unravel the mysteries of the stars
    Dive into a positive, relaxing MMORPG filled with timeless wonder
    Embark on a quest to save spirits in each constellation and set them free
    Live an epic story of restoring light to a fallen Kingdom
    Discover new adventures with fresh characters and stories through regular content updates
  • Play Together & Create Human Connection
    Unite with friends to liberate Ancestor spirits across the realms of Sky
    Journey with your loved ones or forge new friendships with players from around the world
    Venture with others into darker realms and uncover ancient treasures
    Engage with other players through charming, beautifully-animated expressions
    Nurture your friendships and show appreciation by giving gifts of light
  • Friendly, Open World
    Step into an ever-expanding world with exciting upcoming attractions, seasonal events, and realm expansions
    Immerse yourself in an uplifting social adventure that warms the heart
    Roam the open world independently or with friends, and experience the beauty of Sky
  • Unlock & Level Up
    Unlock tools like Winged Light to help you explore the world of Sky
    Express your individuality through unique character customizations
    Personalize your avatar with customizable hair, clothing color schemes, and more
    Embrace your inner light, young one, and share your compassion with the world!