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Skull and Bones Articles

Skull and Bones Delayed Again, This Time to March 2023, But Open Beta is Coming

After resurfacing a couple of months ago and setting a November release date, Ubisoft has once again delayed pirate MMO Skull and Bones.  The game has been moved to March 2023. 

Ubisoft Sets the Stage For Skull and Bones With New Gameplay and World Context Trailers

Ubisoft debuts two new trailers for Skull and Bones, including an action-packed gameplay trailer and one setting up the context of the world and story.

Preview Outposts, Settlements, and Forts, and How to Plunder Them in Skull and Bones

A recent devblog from the Skull and Bones team introduces outposts, settlements, and forts, what to expect from these locations, and how to potentially plunder them.

Ubisoft Shows Off Skull and Bones PC Specs, and Shares Details On The Many Customization Options

Ubisoft has a new video showcasing the PC options for Skull and Bones, as well as a blog detailing all of the many customization options you'll have when setting sail on your pirate adventure this November.

Latest Skull and Bones Devblog Covers All Things Provisioning, Crew Morale, Cooking, and Scouting

The latest Skull and Bones devblog will get you prepared to set sail with an overview of combat provisioning, including food, ammo, outposts, ship repair options, and even crew morale.

Skull and Bones Ship Customization, From Sizes and Types to Weapons, Revealed

Ubisoft reveals details on Skull and Bones' ship customization, from sizes, types, to weapons, and loadout options.

Skull And Bones Is Real And It's Releasing This November

Skull and Bones, the oft-delayed pirate MMO from Ubisoft, is truly real and we finally have a release date. The upcoming multiplayer title will be coming on November 8th, and Ubisoft is planning multiple live tests from now through release date this year.

Skull And Bones Might Actually Show Off Gameplay Next Month According To New Report

According to a recent report, it looks like the oft-maligned and delayed pirate title from Ubisoft, Skull and Bones, might actually see some gameplay officially shown off next month.

Report: Skull & Bones Could Be Out As Early As Fall 2022, New Leaked Footage Shows Combat, Social Hub

In new leaked footage of Ubisoft's long-maligned pirating sim, Skull & Bones, players eagerly awaiting anything on this game were treated to some combat, exploration and more. Additionally, Kotaku is reporting that, according to sources, we could be seeing the game ship as early as Fall 2022.

Oft-Delayed Skull And Bones Is Showing Some Life, Taking Applications For New Insider Program

The often delayed Skull and Bones is showing some signs of life, as late last week the development team put the call out to those interested in helping test the upcoming pirate sandbox. Labeled as an Insider Program, Ubisoft is seeking players to help private test the upcoming game as it inches closer to its now-targeted 2023 release.

Skull & Bones Delayed, Again, This Time Into 2022

It looks like Skull & Bones, the upcoming pirate game from Ubisoft, has been delayed yet again. In a recent earnings report, Ubisoft updated the timing for Skull & Bones, this time slating to release in the next fiscal year, which starts on April 1st, 2022.

Ubisoft Delays Skull & Bones to April 2020

For a game that was supposed to be released prior to the end of 2018, it sure seems that Skull & Bones is taking a long time in development. It's so delayed, in fact, that Ubisoft announced that it will not be seen until "financial year 2019/2020" which means April 2020 at the earliest. In addition, Ubisoft also announced that the game will be skipping this year's E3. These announcements were made during the Q&A session in Ubisoft's investor call earlier today.

Ubisoft to Produce a Television Series Based on Its Skull & Bones MMO

Ubisoft is betting big on its pirate-themed MMO, Skull & Bones. The company has announced its partnership with Atlas Entertainment to bring out a series ahead of the release of the game itself. "Ubisoft is known for creating innovative video games that combine immense worlds with rich narratives," says Danielle Kreinik, the executive co-producer along with Jason Altman.

Skull & Bones December '18 Update

The Skull & Bones team has a new video update for December '18 that reflects on the game's progress throughout the preceding year. Producer Karl Luhe talks about the excitement that the fans and team feel after a chance to check out the pre-alpha demo. The team has "doubled down on the naval hunting grounds to make them as awesome as possible". The community has inspired developers working on the game as it moves through development.

E3 2017 Hands On - Yarr, It's Pirate Stuff!

Yo-ho-ho mateys! I be coming back from E3 with all sorts of plunder! Including some hands-on time with Ubisoft’s latest IP, Skull and Bones. If you hadn’t guessed from my painfully trope-infused intro this is a game about pirates and plunder. It has nothing to do with any Ivy League secret societies (I think???). We got some hands-on time with what looks to be one of many PvP modes for some of our own high seas antics.