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Silkroad Online Articles

Lucky Boxes Return

Silkroad Online players will be pleased to hear that Lucky Boxes have returned to the game from now through February 11th. Lucky Boxes can be collected from monsters throughout the game world and exchanged for limited-time items.

Ignite Part 4 Arrives

Silkroad Online's fourth "Ignite" update has been released. The patch features boosts for new and returning players, the opening of the "Survival Arena" and new adventures for players in the 36-100 level range.

Union Party System Incoming

Joymax has announced that the third part of the multi-patch update to Silkroad Online will be deployed soon. With the "Undead's Revenge" patch, players will see a major overhaul to the "Union Party System" with special buffs for groups that join together to form raid parties.

'Roc'-ing the House on December 18th

Silkroad Online players are being invited to a special event to celebrate the second phase of the overhauled game client. On December 18th, a roc will be summoned to one of two starter areas for players to defeat within a certain amount of time setting up the summoning of a second and, ultimately, a trio of bosses.

Ignite Silkroad Announced

Silkroad Online players have a lot of exciting changes in store beginning with the just-announced "Ignite Silkroad" expansion that will launch later in November. Developers are promising that Silkroad will be something completely different both for new players and returning players.

Player Designed 'Fellows' Added to Game

Silkroad Online players have three new 'fellows' to choose from with the latest update. Fellows are unique and rare mounts that can also be utilized in battle. What sets the new fellows apart is that they were all designed by players themselves. In addition, the latest patch brings the annual Halloween festivities online.

Silkroad Online's Historic 15 Years

Silkroad Online recently celebrated its 15th year of MMORPG goodness. In today's Free Zone, we take a look at Silkroad Online and ruminate about its past and its future. Read on!

Celebrating 15 Years with a New Contest

JoyMax has announced that, in celebration of Silkroad Online's fifteenth anniversary, players are being challenged to create an in-game avatar. Winners have the potential to take home cash and prizes as well as to have the winning avatar immortalized in the game.

Celebrate White Day in Silkroad Online

Silkroad Online brings White Day celebrations, similar to Valentine's Day, to the game, with giveaways and special items.

Love is a Battlefield

Yes, Pat Benetar said it years ago, "Love is a battlefield" and Silkroad-R devs want you to remember that with the inclusion of their Valentine's Day themed content.

'R' Version Launches

Joymax has announced that Silkroad-R has officially launched. Silkroad-R is a unique server with unique accounts and features including a "clean" start to the game. The item shop has been retooled with items receiving boosts for the "R" version of Silkroad.

Silkroad -R- Announced

Joymax has announced that it will be launching a new independent Silkroad experience called Silkroad -R-. The new version, according to the press release, will offer players a "cleaner" game environment and the ability for players to level their characters faster. Additionally, new content created especially for Silkroad -R- will be released.

Updated Fellow System Released

The Silkroad Online team has released a new patch that features an updated and reworked 'Fellow System'. The Fellow System in SO is essentially the pet system. The team has indicated, however, that pets have all new training and enhanced abilities for players to discover.

Members Only Server to Go Live November 15th

Joymax has announced that the new Silkroad Server, Genesis, is set to go live on Tuesday, November 15th. The Genesis server is a premium members only server.