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    New Desert
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    N/A (06/06/2006)
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Sigonyth: Desert Eternity Overview

Sigonyth: Desert Eternity was a sci-fi MMORPG in development by New Desert. The game was set on the desert planet Sigonyth, where the descendants of colonists, and members of a colonization ship that set out 200 years earlier, had settled. Changed over time, the residents were a mix of Humans, Mutants, and Cyborgs, which were the game's three playable races. Each race would be different in terms of skill opportunities, perks, and advantages or disadvantages over such things as item costs.

Arguments over government and fighting over resources on the planet led to several factions springing up and sides to take. Advancement was skill-based, dependent upon practice of certain skills to grow them, instead of rigid classes or levels. The game did not have a main storyline, but instead offered side quests away from the main action for experience, as well as hunting. New Desert also sought to implement player-controlled politics, housing, and much freedom around shaping characters and their existence within the world. The game was cancelled in June of 2006.

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